2022 Attendee & Exhibit Staff List

Charleston Show attendees

Charleston 2022 Attendee & Exhibit Staff

Current as of June 22, 2022 (7:00 PM EST)

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  Company State First Name Last Name Job Title Registration Date Badge
1 45th & Farm, LLC TX Steve Thurman President 06/04/22 Attendee
2 5-15 Industrial Resources Inc TX John Waleyko President 03/31/22 Attendee
3 A.S. Plastics Technology, Inc. PA Juan Ramirez Vice President 05/12/22 Attendee
4 Aaron Equipment Company IL Anthony Tufano Sales 10/21/21 Exhibitor
5 Aarti USA Inc NJ RANJAN SINHA PRESIDENT 05/26/22 Attendee
6 AbbVie IL Darryl Thorn Account Manager, Fermentation 06/21/22 Exhibitor
7 AbbVie IL Jeff Tremain Director Sales and Marketing 06/21/22 Exhibitor
8 AbbVie IL Ania VanDyke Assoc Dir. Business Development 06/21/22 Exhibitor
9 Acadian Plant Health SC Alan Camp Strategic Procurement Director 05/16/22 Attendee
10 Access Chemicals and Services, LLC. TX Troy North Sales Account Executive 05/18/22 Exhibitor
11 Access Chemicals and Services, LLC. TX Sean Osbourn Sales Representative 05/18/22 Exhibitor
12 Access Chemicals and Services, LLC. TX Courtney Pytel President 05/18/22 Exhibitor
13 Access Chemicals and Services, LLC. TX Jordan Stokes Director of Sales 05/18/22 Exhibitor
14 ACCESS Rudolf Technologies, LP SC Diana Savastano Director of Manufacturing 05/31/22 Attendee
15 ACCESS Rudolf Technologies, LP SC Steve Savastano CEO 05/31/22 Attendee
16 ACETO NY Mitch Klann General Manager 04/25/22 Attendee
17 Aceto NY Keith Wilkinson President - North America 05/23/22 Exhibitor
18 Aceto NY Joe Witcher Marketing & Operations 05/06/22 Attendee
19 Aceto Life Sciences, L.L.C. NY Fred Trudwig Director, Product Development 06/01/22 Attendee
20 Aceto Life Sciences, LLC NY Christine Zemaitis Senior Operations Manager 05/05/22 Attendee
21 Aceto US LLC NY Cliffton Bobe Assistant VP Specialty Chemicals 04/01/22 Exhibitor
22 Aceto US LLC NY Ashley Bowers Operational Commodity Manager 05/24/22 Exhibitor
23 Aceto US LLC NY Scott Herrington Senior Account Manager 04/01/22 Exhibitor
24 Aceto US LLC NY Gerard McShane VP Specialty Chemicals 04/01/22 Exhibitor
25 Acme Hardesty Inc. PA Steven Chaffin Regional Sales Manager 04/01/22 Exhibitor
26 Acme Hardesty Inc. PA Ravi Shaheed Director Global Sourcing 04/01/22 Exhibitor
27 Adesis, Inc DE Nicholas Baratta Sr. Director, Business Development 06/10/22 Exhibitor
28 Adesis, Inc DE Venu Gudipati Sr. Director of Process Development 06/10/22 Exhibitor
29 Adjuvants Unlimited TN Stephen Bennett Lab Manager 01/24/22 Attendee
30 Adjuvants Unlimited OH Tom McAlpin Commercial Development Manager 03/30/22 Attendee
31 Adjuvants Unlimited, LLC GA Michael Pompeo Director, Commercial Development 03/30/22 Attendee
32 ADM IL Brooke Knapp Account Manager 05/25/22 Exhibitor
33 ADM IL Jessica McAfee Account Manager Industrial Oils 04/28/22 Exhibitor
34 Admix NH Liam Finlay Chemical Sales Support Engineer 06/07/22 Exhibitor
35 Admix, Inc. NH Patrick Lakin Director of Sales & Marketing 03/30/22 Exhibitor
36 Admix, Inc. NH Shawnacy McManus Chemical Market Sales Manager 03/30/22 Exhibitor
37 Advanced Chemical Concepts, Inc. MI Joseph Eldick Vice President of Technology 11/24/21 Attendee
38 Advanced Chemical Concepts, Inc. MI Chris Monday Chemist/Production Manager 11/24/21 Attendee
39 Advanced Chemical Concepts, Inc. MI John Russo Vice President of Sales & Marketing 11/24/21 Attendee
40 Advanced Chemical Concepts, Inc. MI Craig Tungate President 11/24/21 Attendee
41 AdvanSix NJ Lance Gunnin Sales Manager 04/18/22 Attendee
42 AdvanSix VA Erika Militch Chemical Process Engineer 04/01/22 Attendee
43 Aegis Chemical Solutions TX Lydia Brock Supply Chain Analyst 06/07/22 Attendee
44 Aegis Chemical Solutions TX Ryan Turk Supply Chain Analyst 06/07/22 Attendee
45 Aegis Chemical Solutions TX Lauren Vaclavik Supply Chain Analyst 06/07/22 Attendee
46 Aether Industries Limited India Aman Desai Director 03/30/22 Exhibitor
47 Aether Industries Limited AZ Michelle Pogosaew Business Development Manager 03/28/22 Exhibitor
48 Aether Industries Limited IN Jim Ringer Business Development Lead 03/28/22 Exhibitor
49 Aether Industries Limited MI Raymond Roach Business Development Lead 03/31/22 Exhibitor
50 Ag Processing, Inc. (AGP) NE Nathan Nolte Sales Manager 05/15/22 Attendee
51 AgBiome NC Pawel Polanowski Procurement Lead 05/03/22 Attendee
52 AgBiome NC Frank Spadafora Production Lead 04/07/22 Attendee
53 AGC Chemicals Americas PA Ikuji Imamura Business Manager 05/27/22 Exhibitor
54 AGC Chemicals Americas PA Kazuo Sakamoto General Manager 06/03/22 Exhibitor
55 AGC Chemicals Americas PA Atsushi Yokomizo Business Manager 05/27/22 Exhibitor
56 AGC Chemicals Americas PA Jie Zhang Sr Business Manager 05/27/22 Exhibitor
57 Agilis NJ Derek Morgen Sales & Marketing 06/21/22 Attendee
58 Agilis Chemicals MI David Grimes VP Sales 06/21/22 Attendee
59 AgMarketResults, LLC SC Carmine Sesa Member 06/01/22 Attendee
60 AgraForm MO Ronald Cunningham Business Development 04/16/22 Attendee
61 AgraForm MO Brian Isgrigg General Manager 06/01/22 Attendee
62 AgraForm MO Bill McVeagh Principle Engineer 04/16/22 Attendee
63 Air Products PA Dave Duhamel Strategy and Analytics Manager 06/01/22 Exhibitor
64 Air Products PA Emily Kingston Marketing Communications Specialist 06/01/22 Exhibitor
65 Air Products PA Tim Lebrecht Industry Mgr, Chemical Process Ind 06/01/22 Exhibitor
66 Air Products TX Ana Romero Lugo Commercial Technology Engineer 06/03/22 Exhibitor
67 Air Products FL Rebecca Starkweather ETO Membrane Commercial Leader 05/13/22 Attendee
68 Akrochem Corporation OH Chuck Lamb Vice President 03/29/22 Attendee
69 Albemarle NC Lauren Mophett Tolling Manager 01/31/22 Attendee
70 Albemarle Corp NC Mark Cheplen New Business Development Mgr 06/07/22 Attendee
71 Albemarle Corporation NC Lucas Wylie Lithium Sales Manager 06/09/22 Attendee
72 AllChem TN Jim Wakim Southeast Sales Manager 11/15/21 Attendee
73 Allchem Services Inc. TX John Williams President 05/17/22 Attendee
74 Almamet GmbH Germany Josef Linden Director International Sales 05/24/22 Attendee
75 Altima International Group LLC FL John Espinosa President 06/13/22 Attendee
76 Altima International Group LLC FL Javier Jimenez Technical Director 06/13/22 Attendee
77 ALTIVIA Oxide Chemicals TX William Snyder Director of Business Development 06/21/22 Attendee
78 ALTIVIA Specialty Chemical TX Chuck Kreutzberger Business Development 05/10/22 Exhibitor
79 ALTIVIA Specialty Chemicals, LLC TX John Tharp Business Director 05/10/22 Exhibitor
80 American Chemical Solutions MI Terry Chomniak Director of Sales and Business Deve 06/02/22 Exhibitor
81 American Chemical Solutions MI Todd Zahn CEO 06/02/22 Exhibitor
82 American Custom Drying NJ Adam Cabot CEO 12/13/21 Exhibitor
83 American Custom Drying NJ Bob Slade Vice President 12/13/21 Exhibitor
86 American International Container NJ Robert OConnor Sales 06/18/22 Exhibitor
87 Amindon Inc. NY Julia Hutchings Business Development Representative 01/12/22 Attendee
88 AMINDON INC. NY Miles Hutchings CEO 11/04/21 Exhibitor
89 AMINDON INC. NY Ravi Ravichandran CHIEF SCIENTIST 11/04/21 Exhibitor
90 AmSpec NJ Bill Johnson VP Chemicals 05/05/22 Attendee
91 AmSpec TX Jeanie Moyed- Strickland Chemicals Marketing Manager 05/06/22 Attendee
92 Anchin NY Anne Rusinak Advisory Services 05/10/22 Attendee
93 Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP NY Yair Holtzman Partner 04/05/22 Attendee
94 ANDRITZ TX RYAN BEIDERWIEDEN Regional Industry MRG -Chemical C 06/02/22 Exhibitor
95 ANDRITZ TX STEVE JACOBY NA Chemical/Food Market Sales Mgr. 06/02/22 Exhibitor
96 ANDRITZ TX STEVE UNGAR Process Technology Manager 06/02/22 Exhibitor
97 Anova NJ Dave Mack Sales 03/29/22 Exhibitor
98 Anova NJ Adam Meek Sales 03/29/22 Exhibitor
99 Apeiron Synthesis S.A. Poland Monika Kulinicz Sales Representative 06/15/22 Exhibitor
100 APEIRON SYNTHESIS S.A. POLAND ANDRZEJ TRACZ Senior Scientist 06/16/22 Exhibitor
101 Apollo Chemical & Mount Vernon Chem NC MICHAEL ZAVAGLIA Vice President & General Manager 06/22/22 Attendee
102 Apollo Scientific United Kingdom Neil Hamilton CEO 05/10/22 Attendee
103 Applied Catalysts GA Lee Mitchell President 10/26/21 Exhibitor
104 Applied Ceramics Inc. GA Hunter Brown Chemist Engineer 06/03/22 Exhibitor
105 Applied Ceramics Inc. GA Bob Gulotty Technical Manger 10/26/21 Exhibitor
106 Aquaserv TN Matt Maretti Director of Tolling 03/29/22 Attendee
107 Aquaserv TN Gary Meloni President 03/29/22 Attendee
108 Aramco Performance Materials NY Ronald Valente President 06/03/22 Attendee
109 Arboris KY Brittanea Pilletere Sales Manager 06/13/22 Attendee
110 Arboris LLC GA Jill Holcomb Director of Sales & Marketing 06/10/22 Attendee
111 Archroma NC phil dark new market development 03/23/22 Exhibitor
112 Archroma U.S., Inc NC Sameer Singla Vice President, Cluster NORAM 06/21/22 Attendee
113 Archroma U.S., Inc. NC Rodrigo Casagrande Head of Packaging and Paper Special 06/22/22 Attendee
114 Archroma U.S., Inc. NC Ruben Cuadrado Global Category Manager NORAM 04/07/22 Attendee
115 Archroma U.S., Inc. NC Debra Pound Regional Head NORAM & CM 04/07/22 Attendee
116 Archroma US NC Raul Padilla Sales 06/20/22 Exhibitor
117 Archroma US SC Jack Smith QC & Development Manager 03/23/22 Exhibitor
118 Archroma, U.S. SC Sara Maleck Development Team Leader 03/23/22 Exhibitor
119 Arkema/Sartomer PA Tim Malloy Tolling Manager 05/09/22 Attendee
120 ArroChem, Inc. NC Brian Chapman General Manager 05/19/22 Attendee
121 ArroChem, Inc. NC Jenifer Dyer Toll Blending/Private Label Manager 05/24/22 Attendee
122 ArroChem, Inc. NC David Hostetler President 05/18/22 Attendee
123 Arxada GA Brian Sook Research Project Manager 04/01/22 Attendee
124 Arxada AG Switzerland Marie Hoffmann Business Development Manager, CDMO 05/27/22 Exhibitor
125 Arxada LLC NC Joerg Brachten Sales Director NA - Fine Chemicals 05/27/22 Exhibitor
126 Ascend Performance Materials TX Michael De La Cruz Contract Manufacturing Director 05/20/22 Attendee
127 Ascend Performance Materials TX Jonathan McIntire Toll & Contract Manufacturing 06/14/22 Attendee
128 Ascend Performance Materials TX Jeff Petersen Specialty Chemicals Sales Director 06/07/22 Attendee
129 Ascend Performance Materials TX Bryan Shelton Business Development Manager 05/13/22 Attendee
130 Ascend Performance Materials, LLC TX Jonathan Craig Vice President, Specialty Chemicals 06/06/22 Attendee
131 Ascensus Specialties WA Brian Coleridge Territory Account Manager 03/14/22 Attendee
132 Ascensus Specialties FL Bryan DiMenna Head of Americas 06/21/22 Attendee
133 Ascentium Capital FL Keelean Burkhalter Finance Manager 05/03/22 Attendee
134 Ascentium Capital LLC AZ Fredric Fial Vice President-Sales 06/07/22 Attendee
135 Ashland NJ Jean Gulka Business Director of Agrochemicals 05/05/22 Attendee
136 Ashland Inc DE Frank McDonough Americas Tolling Manager 06/07/22 Attendee
137 Ashland LLC OH Fernando Carvalho External Manufacturing Manager 06/09/22 Attendee
138 Ashland Specialties Inc NC tim Bauer Sales 05/06/22 Attendee
139 Astec TN Chirs Horten Regional Sales Manager 05/12/22 Exhibitor
140 Astec TN Adriano Santos Product Director 05/12/22 Exhibitor
141 Atotech USA SC Mark Steele Direct Chemistry Procurement 03/29/22 Attendee
142 Atticus LLC NC Weston Held Director Manufacturing 04/05/22 Attendee
143 Atticus LLC NC Michael King EVP Operations 04/06/22 Attendee
144 Atticus LLC NC Darryl Mayton Director Sourcing & Procurement 04/06/22 Attendee
145 Atul USA Inc NC Rejoy Jacob Manager - Business Development 06/01/22 Attendee
146 Austin Chemical IL Iver Berry President 05/12/22 Exhibitor
147 Austin Chemical IL Samantha Wigley Senior Sales Associate 05/12/22 Exhibitor
148 AVEKA Group MN William Hendrickson CEO 04/19/22 Exhibitor
149 AVEKA Group MN Merilee Reski VP Business Development 04/19/22 Exhibitor
150 AWSM Solutions Delaware DE Gene Fatula Director of Business Development 11/02/21 Attendee
151 Azelis Americas TX Julie Biggerstaff VP Sales 06/17/22 Exhibitor
152 Azelis Americas SC Christine Wilson Technical Sales Rep 06/13/22 Exhibitor
153 AZO Inc. TN Joseph Schobel Sales Manager - CHEM 05/09/22 Exhibitor
154 B&P Littleford MI Robert Lytkowski Vice President of Sales 06/02/22 Exhibitor
155 B&P Littleford MI Alan Malott Global Product Manager 06/02/22 Exhibitor
156 BAAR Technologies LLC FL Gilmar Tadeu Negri CEO 03/15/22 Attendee
157 Baerlocher USA OH Johnathan Ferenc Market Manager r-PVC 05/29/22 Attendee
158 Baerlocher USA OH Jimmy Massie Procurement Director 05/25/22 Attendee
159 Balmoral Advisors GA Gary Denning Sr. Advisor 06/10/22 Attendee
160 Balmoral Advisors, LLC IL Omar Diaz Managing Director 04/01/22 Attendee
161 Barentz NY Rich Murphy Account Manager 05/03/22 Exhibitor
162 Barentz CT Susan Orr VP, Global Accounts 05/03/22 Exhibitor
163 Barentz North America IL Jennifer Sacksteder Business Development Manager 05/03/22 Exhibitor
164 Bartlo Packaging NJ Allen Bartlo President 10/26/21 Exhibitor
165 Bartlo Packaging NJ Lawrence Byrd Business Development Mgr. 10/26/21 Exhibitor
166 BASF Canada Canada Scott Hutchison Manufacturing Team Lead 05/18/22 Attendee
167 BASF Corporation NC John Courtney Sr. Manufacturing Services Supv 04/20/22 Attendee
168 BASF Corporation NC Kathleen Dixon Contract Manufacturing Supervisor 03/01/22 Attendee
169 BASF Corporation OH Jennifer Eckels Head of Sales 06/16/22 Attendee
170 BASF Corporation NY Peter Ervay Key Account Manager 06/06/22 Attendee
171 BASF Corporation NC William Henry Contract Manufacturing Supervisor 03/07/22 Attendee
172 BASF Corporation MI Benjamin Klepser Key Account Manager 02/16/22 Attendee
173 BASF Corporation NC Jeremie Miller Global Sourcing Specialist 03/10/22 Attendee
174 BASF Corporation NY Quyen Nguyen Account Manager 05/26/22 Attendee
175 BASF Corporation NC ERICH OAKS Global Sourcing Manager 03/07/22 Attendee
176 BASF Corporation NC Larry Rys Sourcing Manager 03/10/22 Attendee
177 BASF Corporation NC Michael Tomasik Process Technology Manager 03/29/22 Attendee
178 BASF Corporation NY Adam Woods Technical Sales & Marketing Manager 04/22/22 Attendee
179 BASF SE Germany Ingo Sagasser Head of Sourcing & Contracting 11/05/21 Attendee
180 BassTech International NJ Desiree De Leon Business Development Manager 06/01/22 Exhibitor
181 BassTech International NJ Nolan Kasbar Product Manager 06/01/22 Exhibitor
182 Bayer CropScience GA Chris Beem External Mfg Rep 06/22/22 Attendee
183 Bayer CropScience MO Bill Bernskoetter Procurement 04/07/22 Attendee
184 Bayer CropScience NC Clay Gibbs Commercialization Manager 06/14/22 Attendee
185 Bayer CropScience MO Greg Herman Procurement 04/01/22 Attendee
186 Bayer CropScience MO Hemant Kandlur Global Procurement Category Manager 03/31/22 Attendee
187 Bayer CropScience MO Jason Miller Contract Mfg Rep 03/31/22 Attendee
188 Bayer CropScience NC Blake Tidwell External Mfg Rep 06/15/22 Attendee
189 BCS GA Luke Damian Product Manager 12/29/21 Exhibitor
190 BCS GA Jonathan Denis VP - Operations 06/02/22 Attendee
191 BCS GA Melissa McWilliams Marketing Manager 12/29/21 Exhibitor
192 BdV Behrens GmbH TX Erik Homan Business Manager 05/06/22 Attendee
193 Bedoukian Research CT Greg Pignone Director 06/20/22 Attendee
194 Bedoukian Research Inc. CT Juan de Jesus Sourcing Manager 06/08/22 Attendee
195 Bennett International NC wes leonard Director, Sales 06/06/22 Exhibitor
196 Bennett International Transport GA Wade Stiles Director, Business Development 05/09/22 Exhibitor
197 Bericap NC Tim Cotter Director 01/19/22 Attendee
198 Berndorf Band Group IL Andy Colon Sales Executive 03/04/22 Exhibitor
199 Berndorf Band Group IL Davide Costa Director Business Development 03/21/22 Exhibitor
200 Berndorf Band Group IL Stan Djuric Sales Executive 03/04/22 Exhibitor
201 Berndorf belt technology IL Peter Riedl President 06/03/22 Exhibitor
202 Berryman Chemical TX Joe Michetti Manager 06/11/22 Attendee
203 Biazzi S.A. NJ Vincent Fuchetti CPE, US support to Biazzi 06/14/22 Exhibitor
204 Biazzi S.A. Switzerland Bruno Tettamanti Vice President Head of Mktg&Sales 05/30/22 Exhibitor
205 Biazzi S.A. // The Kahl Company Switzerland Ryan Mowers US/SE-Representative of Biazzi 05/30/22 Exhibitor
206 Biddle Sawyer Corp NY Lee DeWitt VP Business Development 02/17/22 Exhibitor
207 Biddle Sawyer Corp NY Jon Hupert Vice President 02/17/22 Exhibitor
208 BIOMA AZ MARCO MOLINA owner 03/22/22 Attendee
209 BIOMA Mexico Eduardo Vargas Director 03/08/22 Attendee
210 Black Forest Container Systems SC Jeff Balck Co Owner 06/01/22 Exhibitor
211 Black Forest Container Systems SC Thomas Leftwich Co Owner 06/01/22 Exhibitor
212 BMO NY Justin Muschel Vice President Investment Banking 04/04/22 Attendee
213 BMO NY Michael Rosenberg Head of Chemicals IB 04/04/22 Attendee
214 BMO Capital Markets TX Chris Dopp Managing Director 05/26/22 Attendee
215 BMO Capital Markets MN Patrick McMahon Vice President 05/22/22 Attendee
216 Boaz Partners, LLC GA Ricky Foster Sr. Search Consultant 03/31/22 Attendee
217 Boaz Partners, LLC GA Jason McCabe Sr. Search Executive 03/31/22 Attendee
218 Boaz Partners, LLC GA Weslee Washington Managing Director 03/31/22 Attendee
219 Boron Molecular NC Ken Sullivan Director of Sales and Marketing 05/12/22 Exhibitor
220 Borregaard MN Stephen Dickman ABM - Agri 06/01/22 Attendee
221 Borregaard TX Tiffany McQueen Technical Sales Manager 06/07/22 Attendee
222 Boulder Scientific Company CO Pamela Aultman Director, Integrated Planning & Con 04/07/22 Attendee
223 Boulder Scientific Company CO Brian Karpf Buyer 04/07/22 Attendee
224 Boulder Scientific Company CO Matt Sturgeon Product Manager 06/09/22 Exhibitor
225 Brenntag Global Marketing TX Jennifer Murrin Director of Sales 06/03/22 Attendee
226 Brenntag North America MN Gerald Denson Vice President Value Added Services 06/01/22 Exhibitor
227 Brenntag North America NC Carl Easterling Value Added Services 06/01/22 Exhibitor
228 Brenntag North America NE Chad Johansen AG Director 06/01/22 Exhibitor
229 Brenntag North America NC Margaret McKemy Sales- Industry Specialist 06/01/22 Exhibitor
230 Brenntag North America NC Sam Murphy Value Added Services 06/01/22 Exhibitor
231 Brenntag North America SC Patrick Tingom AG Division 06/02/22 Exhibitor
232 Bridge Commercial SC John Beam Vice President 06/21/22 Attendee
233 Buckeye Fabricating Company OH AJ Furrow Technical Sales Engineer 06/02/22 Exhibitor
234 Buckeye Fabricating Company OH Zack Shindledecker Design Engineer, P.E. 06/02/22 Exhibitor
235 Buckman TN Hersh Chaturvedi New Market Development Director 01/28/22 Exhibitor
236 Buckman TN Shawn King Director of Pilot Operations 01/28/22 Exhibitor
237 Bulk Chemical Services, LLC. GA Harry Colley Vice President, Sales & Marketing 06/02/22 Attendee
238 Bushy Park SC Cody Baker VP Manufacturing/Business Dev 06/15/22 Attendee
239 Buss ChemTech AG Switzerland Thomas Blocher Global Business Manager 02/18/22 Exhibitor
240 BYK CT Shannon Morrison Enduse Manager Industrial Solutions 05/03/22 Attendee
241 C&EN NY John Day Ad Account Manager 04/11/22 Exhibitor
242 C.N. Brown Plastics, Inc. GA Samuel Gaston Owner 06/14/22 Attendee
243 CABB AG Switzerland Matthias Helms Project Manager 06/16/22 Attendee
244 CAC Chemical Americas LLC NY Vince MIATA GM 06/01/22 Attendee
245 Calpine Energy Solutions TX Lamar Frazier Sales Director 11/08/21 Attendee
246 Calpine Energy Solutions TX Rebecca Hale Sales Representative 11/04/21 Attendee
247 Camco Commodity Chemicals, Inc. WI Mark Rutkowski President 06/21/22 Attendee
248 Camco Commodity Chemicals, Inc. WI Frank Rutkowski Sales 06/21/22 Attendee
249 Camlin Fine Sciences Brazil Luciano Monteiro General Manager 01/17/22 Attendee
250 Capital Resin Corp. OH James Bull President 06/07/22 Exhibitor
251 Capital Resin Corporation OH Michael Yingling Director of Sales & Marketing 03/30/22 Exhibitor
252 CARBO TX Cory Mayo CEO 06/02/22 Attendee
253 CARBO TX Shannon Nelson VP Manufacturing & Distribution 06/02/22 Attendee
254 CARBO GA David Osby Director - Agriculture 04/20/22 Attendee
255 Carolina Filters SC Heather Bass Director of Process Technology 06/14/22 Exhibitor
256 Carolina Filters SC Stephanie Partridge Technical Sales Engineer 06/14/22 Exhibitor
257 Carpenter Co VA Brent Lesher National Sales Manager, Tolling 05/24/22 Attendee
258 Carpenter Co. NC Fred Holtz Account Manager 05/20/22 Attendee
259 Carrington NC WILL JOHNS President 05/17/22 Attendee
260 Castle Dome Solutions AR Patrick Schafer Sales Manager 10/25/21 Exhibitor
261 CCC Phosphates IN Ben Lye Sales Director - North America 06/16/22 Attendee
262 CCL Label TN Jim Balentine Technical Sales Manager 04/29/22 Exhibitor
263 CCL Label TN David Buck National Account Manager 04/29/22 Exhibitor
264 CCL Label TN JARON COLLIS Nation Account Manager 05/06/22 Attendee
265 Cekal Specialties NC Dallas Crotts President 04/19/22 Exhibitor
266 Cekal Specialties NC Shane Glover Business Manager 04/19/22 Exhibitor
267 CellMark CT Andrew DeRosa Senior Product Manager 06/22/22 Attendee
268 CellMark Chemicals CT Gabriela Cessario Product Manager 05/17/22 Attendee
269 Centauri Technologies LP TX Kyle Killebrew President 06/01/22 Exhibitor
270 Centauri Technologies LP TX Sam Lane Director - Bus. Dev & Technology 06/01/22 Exhibitor
271 Century Global LLC PA Ben Jones President 06/02/22 Exhibitor
272 CFS do Brasil Brazil Marcelo Delvaux Business Head- Biodiesel & Performa 12/14/21 Attendee
273 CG Thermal LLC OH Greg Becherer Senior Vice President 11/09/21 Exhibitor
274 CG Thermal LLC OH Joan Bova Vice President, Sales and Marketing 11/09/21 Exhibitor
275 CG Thermal LLC OH Mitch Meyers Marketing Manager 03/17/22 Exhibitor
276 Charkit Chemical/LBB Specialties CT Bob Clinger Sales Director-Advanced Materials 06/14/22 Exhibitor
277 Charkit Chemical/LBB Specialties CT Craig Demling VP, Sales 06/14/22 Exhibitor
278 Charkit Chemical/LBB Specialties CT Sara Gonzalez Sales Acct Manager 06/14/22 Exhibitor
279 Charkit Chemical/LBB Specialties CT Brian Kates Inside Sales 06/14/22 Exhibitor
280 Charkit Chemical/LBB Specialties CT Jay Lang EVP, Strategic Business Development 05/24/22 Exhibitor
281 Charkit Chemical/LBB Specialties CT Janet Lozinski Director-Tradeshows 05/24/22 Exhibitor
282 Charkit Chemical/LBB Specialties CT Panos Yannopoulos VP, Advanced Materials 06/08/22 Exhibitor
283 Chas. Regional Development Alliance SC Megan Anderson Director, Global Bus. Development 03/14/22 Attendee
284 Chattem Chemicals, Inc. TN JON HARRELL Purchasing Manager 06/22/22 Attendee
285 CHEM FLOWTRONICS INC NJ Kevin Mooney CEO 03/30/22 Exhibitor
286 CHEM FLOWTRONICS INC NJ Ann Mooney Marketing 03/30/22 Exhibitor
287 Chem International Inc. NY Stan Levy National Accounts Manager 06/08/22 Attendee
288 Chem International Inc. SC Morgan Washick President 06/08/22 Attendee
289 Chemada Industries Ltd. Israel Eyal Azulay CEO 06/12/22 Attendee
290 Chemada Industries Ltd. Israel Talia Feingold VP Sales & Business Development 06/12/22 Attendee
291 ChemDesign WI Rae Johnson Senior VP of Sales & Marketing 04/04/22 Exhibitor
292 ChemDesign WI Bryon Leggett VP of Business Development 04/04/22 Exhibitor
293 ChemDesign WI Dave Mielke President & CEO 04/04/22 Exhibitor
294 ChemDesign WI Joel Salzman VP of Operations 05/20/22 Exhibitor
295 Chemformation TX Paul Broome VP 10/26/21 Exhibitor
296 Chemformation TX Holly Myers VP 10/26/21 Exhibitor
297 Chemical Marketing Concepts, LLC CT Michael Schultz Director of Business Development 06/02/22 Attendee
298 Chemical Products Corporation GA Janet Ingram Chief Commercial Officer 05/18/22 Attendee
299 Chemical Search International CT Bruce Orr Director 04/01/22 Attendee
300 Chemicals America TX Sherri Sims Manager 04/08/22 Attendee
301 Chemicals America, Inc. PA Tom Leahy President 03/29/22 Attendee
302 Chemicals America, Inc. PA Rodd Whitney Exhibitor Services Mgr. 04/18/22 Attendee
303 Chemicals Incorporated TX Charles Castley Commercial VP 10/26/21 Exhibitor
304 Chemicals Incorporated TX Balachandhar Krishnamurthi Business Development & Mkting. Mgr. 10/26/21 Exhibitor
305 Chemisphere Corp MO Michael Clote Vice PRESIDENT/GEN. MGR. 03/29/22 Attendee
306 Chemol NC David Grillo General Manager 06/02/22 Attendee
307 ChemOrganics TX Thomas Swallow President 06/08/22 Exhibitor
308 ChemOrganics TX Sachin Tipnis Vice President 06/08/22 Exhibitor
309 ChemPacific Corporation MD Tamara DiIorio Business Development Manager 06/13/22 Exhibitor
310 ChemPacific Corporation MD Tony Liang COO 06/13/22 Exhibitor
311 ChemQuest Chemicals, LLC TX John Fries Senior Sales Director 10/26/21 Exhibitor
312 ChemQuest Chemicals, LLC TX Clay Pace President & CEO 10/26/21 Exhibitor
313 Chemsolv Inc VA Glenn Austin Senior Business Development 05/12/22 Attendee
314 Chemsolv Inc VA Jamie Austin President 05/12/22 Attendee
315 ChemStation International OH Heather Brendel Production Manager 01/25/22 Attendee
316 ChemStation International OH Bruce Phillippi Director of Research & Mfg 01/25/22 Attendee
317 CHEMTECH Netherlands Matthijs Plusquin Managing Director 03/15/22 Attendee
318 Chevron Oronite TX Jorge Caballero Account Manager 03/31/22 Exhibitor
319 Chevron Oronite TX Michael DeBattista Manager, North America Sales 03/31/22 Exhibitor
320 Chevron Oronite TX Kathleen Long Senior Account Manager 03/31/22 Exhibitor
321 Chevron Oronite TX Jeanne Righter Marketing Manager 05/24/22 Exhibitor
322 Chevron Oronite TX Victor Shen Lead Chemicals Specialist 04/12/22 Exhibitor
323 Chevron Phillips Chemical TX Carlos Cruz Commercial Licensing Manager 05/31/22 Attendee
324 Chevron Phillips Chemical TX Michael Webster-Gardiner Research Chemist 03/29/22 Attendee
325 Chevron Phillips Chemical TX Marvin White Mercaptans Account Manager 10/18/21 Exhibitor
326 Chevron Phillips Chemical Co LP TX Steven Bischof NAOPAO R&D Team Leader 03/29/22 Attendee
327 Chimet S.p.a Italy Riccardo Pellegrini Catalyst Division Manager 06/08/22 Exhibitor
328 Chimet S.p.a Italy Federico Scartoni Sales Representative 06/08/22 Exhibitor
329 Chromatech Incorporated MI Matt Butler Sales Manager 06/10/22 Exhibitor
330 Chromatech Incorporated MI Brad Thomas Technical Sales Representative 06/10/22 Exhibitor
331 CHS Inc. ND Brian Kuehl Director of Product Development 06/03/22 Attendee
332 CI Logistics TX Chris Cleve General Manager 03/24/22 Exhibitor
333 CIE IN Zach Newman Sales Leader 02/28/22 Attendee
334 Cimarron SD Doug Rorer Account Manager 02/17/22 Exhibitor
335 Cimarron SD Robert Ryckman Director of Sales 02/17/22 Exhibitor
336 Cimarron SD David Tiebel Account Manager 02/17/22 Exhibitor
337 Cimarron Label SD Steve McLaughlin National Accounts 03/31/22 Attendee
338 CJB Applied Technologies GA Amanda Lupo Project Specialist 05/23/22 Exhibitor
339 CJB Industries, Inc. GA Jeana Beeland CHRO 05/23/22 Exhibitor
340 CJB Industries, Inc. GA Clinton Beeland President & CEO 05/23/22 Exhibitor
341 CJB Industries, Inc. GA Robby Moorefield V.P. of Operations 05/23/22 Exhibitor
342 CJB Industries, Inc. GA Chris Shipman Operations Manager 05/23/22 Exhibitor
343 CJB Industries, Inc. GA Tiffany Stewart Quality Manager 05/23/22 Exhibitor
344 CJB Industries, Inc. GA Sims Turner Sales Manager 05/23/22 Exhibitor
345 CJIdeas, LLC DE Chris Junk CEO 05/03/22 Attendee
346 Clariant MI Ryan Rowinski Crop Account Manager 04/06/22 Attendee
348 CleanPlanet Chemical TX Joe Brassaw Vice President of Sales 06/22/22 Attendee
349 CMC Materials IL Jason Davis Materials Engineering Manager 06/06/22 Attendee
350 CMC Materials, Inc. IL Kyle Miller Category Manager - Chemicals 06/09/22 Attendee
351 Coalition TX Cameron Fulkerson Director of Planning & Procurement 03/31/22 Attendee
352 Coalition TX Trent Staggers Co-Founder/Principal 03/31/22 Attendee
353 Coalition TX Sean Williams Chief Revenue Officer 03/31/22 Attendee
354 Coast Southwest CA Tom Scaria General Manager 03/28/22 Attendee
355 Coastline Chemical VA Jonathan Sharpley General Manager 04/20/22 Attendee
356 Colonial Chemical Solutions SC Mike Allman Director of Business Devlopement 05/10/22 Attendee
357 Colonial Chemical Solutions GA Cyndi Arroyave Bus Dev & Quality Manager 05/07/22 Attendee
358 Colonial Chemical Solutions NC Chris Lefler Sales Manager 06/21/22 Attendee
359 Colonial Chemical Solutions SC Scott Mollison SR Account Manager 06/15/22 Attendee
360 Colonial Chemical Solutions GA Rob Roberts President 03/30/22 Attendee
361 Colonial Chemical Solutions, Inc. SC Dan Zbytovsky Sales Manager 05/10/22 Attendee
362 Colonial Terminals, Inc. GA Paul Barger Business Development 05/16/22 Attendee
363 Color Mate Dispersions NC Donald Buckner President 06/15/22 Attendee
364 Complex Quimica Mexico Raul Jasso Director 06/03/22 Exhibitor
365 Complex Quimica S.A. de C.V. Mexico Jorge Hinojosa Project Manager 10/25/21 Exhibitor
366 Complex Quimica S.A. de C.V. Mexico Marco Martinez Project Leader 10/25/21 Exhibitor
367 Connect Chemicals GA Lee Polk Buisness Development Manager 06/02/22 Exhibitor
368 Connect Chemicals GA Andrew Warner Business Development Manager 05/27/22 Exhibitor
369 Connect Chemicals GA Kathy Waters Inside Sales Manager 06/02/22 Exhibitor
370 Connection Chemical LP NH Fred George Organics Business Manager 01/24/22 Attendee
371 copeq trading co TX victor ofarrill VP Business Development 06/06/22 Attendee
372 Corteva Agriscience IN Jerry Britt Director or External Manufacturing 03/30/22 Attendee
373 Corteva Agriscience IN Bradley Frazier Global Portfolio Procurement Leader 03/31/22 Attendee
374 Corteva Agriscience IN Martha Haggarty Procurement Leader 04/01/22 Attendee
375 Cotton Creek Capital TX Chris Weems Director 06/09/22 Attendee
376 Covalent Chemical LLC NC Michael Brubaker Sales 04/01/22 Attendee
377 Covalent Chemical LLC NC Matthew Rowe CEO 03/31/22 Attendee
378 CPJ Technologies SC Brad Richey R&D Chemist 03/18/22 Exhibitor
379 CPJ Technologies SC Remy Samuel COO 03/18/22 Exhibitor
380 CPJ Technologies SC Uta Samuel Quality Rep 03/18/22 Exhibitor
381 CPS Performance Materials PA Erik Dihrkop VP - Integration & Supply Chain 05/31/22 Attendee
382 Cremer North America AL Michael Beebe Accounts and Acids Manager 05/23/22 Attendee
383 Cremer North America OH Marcus Hattar Business Manager 05/30/22 Attendee
384 Cremer North America OH Johnny Krehbiel Director of Corporate Development 05/12/22 Attendee
385 Crews Chemicals GA Ross Anderskow Operations Manager 05/31/22 Attendee
386 Crews Chemicals GA Matthew Hope VP of Sales 05/31/22 Attendee
387 Crison Chemistry IL Jorge Chaquinga Sales 05/05/22 Attendee
388 Crison Chemistry IL Thomas Daly Techie 05/05/22 Attendee
389 Croda NJ Robert Boulden Sales Manager 05/03/22 Exhibitor
390 Croda NJ Frank McLaughlin Account Manager 05/03/22 Exhibitor
391 Croda Inc NJ Nicholas Gelardo Business Development Specialist 05/02/22 Exhibitor
392 Croda Inc SC Justin Livingston Account Manager 06/09/22 Attendee
393 Croda Inc NJ Rocky Miro Global Account Manager 05/02/22 Exhibitor
394 Croda Inc NJ TJ St. Romain Key Account Manager 05/02/22 Exhibitor
395 Croda Inc NJ Wade Trimble Key Account Manager 05/02/22 Exhibitor
396 Croda Inc NJ Maria Vytinidou Marketing Lead 05/02/22 Exhibitor
397 Custom Chemical Services, LLC TX Daryl Radley VP of Sales and Marketing 03/31/22 Exhibitor
398 Custom Chemical Services, LLC TX Margaret Roff President 03/31/22 Exhibitor
399 Custom Chemical Services, LLC TX Ken Weems General Manager 03/31/22 Exhibitor
400 CUSTOM EQUIPMENT COMPANY, Inc. SC Brian Lee Operations 06/02/22 Exhibitor
401 CUSTOM EQUIPMENT COMPANY, Inc. SC Robbie Lewis Business Development 06/02/22 Exhibitor
402 Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. PA John Sneeringer Technical Director 06/07/22 Exhibitor
403 Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. PA Christoph Snyder General Manager 06/07/22 Exhibitor
404 Cymer LLC TN Michael Politopoulos CEO 05/26/22 Exhibitor
405 Cymer LLC TN Joan Roller Business Development Manager 05/26/22 Exhibitor
406 Datacor IL Scott Fujan Senior Account Executive 03/29/22 Exhibitor
407 Datacor NJ Dan McCusker VP Sales 03/21/22 Exhibitor
408 Datacor NJ Sean ODonnell Chairman 03/21/22 Exhibitor
409 Datacor Inc. TX John Lutz Senior Account Executive 06/21/22 Exhibitor
410 Daubert Chemical IL Matthew McGinnis VP - Commercial Development 05/09/22 Attendee
411 Day & Zimmermann SC Nicole Core VP Business Development 04/07/22 Exhibitor
412 Day & Zimmermann SC Aaron Crowell Inside Sales Manager 04/07/22 Exhibitor
413 Day & Zimmermann SC Emily Michaels Director Business Development 04/07/22 Exhibitor
414 DayTech Solutions, LLC NC Jim Day Principal 01/31/22 Attendee
415 DCL Corporation (BP), LLC SC Glenn Smith Purchasing Manager 06/10/22 Attendee
416 De Rijke Logistics Netherlands Alexandro Sarno Purchasing Manager 05/13/22 Attendee
417 De Rijke Logistics Netherlands Edward van Kasteel Director Supply Chain Solutions 05/13/22 Attendee
418 Deepwater Chemicals OK Jeff Bowman Sr. Sales & Business Dvlp 04/07/22 Exhibitor
419 Deepwater Chemicals OK Chawn Hensley Sr. Sales & Marketing 04/07/22 Exhibitor
420 Delta TX Cristobal Lara Account Manager 03/31/22 Exhibitor
421 Delta TX Cris Lara Account Manager 03/31/22 Exhibitor
422 Descartes Datamyne FL Mary Jo Negron Account Executive 05/17/22 Attendee
423 Descartes-Datamyne MN Paul Rafferty Business Development Manager 05/18/22 Attendee
424 dhl OH Jeff Hinton Director, Business Development 03/14/22 Attendee
425 Dishman USA Inc NJ Bhavesh Oza Officer 03/18/22 Exhibitor
426 Dooley Chemicals TN greg gibson Vice President 03/29/22 Attendee
427 Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis AG Schweiz Thomas Rosatzin Head Procurement 06/21/22 Attendee
428 Dow Chemical Company MI Diana Baracaldo Global Category Leader 04/21/22 Attendee
429 Dow Chemical Company TX Carlos Cutie Strategic Sourcing Manager 05/03/22 Attendee
430 Dow Chemical Company MI Aaron Deckrow Sourcing Manager 05/09/22 Attendee
431 Dow Chemical Company MI Mark Haydanek Sr. Manager, Global Purchasing 04/21/22 Attendee
432 Dow Chemical Company TX Allison Jobe Associate TS&D Scientist 06/08/22 Attendee
433 Dow Chemical Company MI Thomas Kret Operations Manager 06/03/22 Attendee
434 Dow Chemical Company MI Jenny Lincoln Account Manager 06/01/22 Attendee
435 Dow Chemical Company NY Haley Melching Customer Manager 05/24/22 Attendee
436 Dow Chemical Company OH Matthew Rees Marketing Manager 06/03/22 Attendee
437 Dow Chemical Company TX Diana Vasquez Marketing Manager 06/10/22 Attendee
438 Dow Chemical Company MI Evan Waddell Technical Service 06/06/22 Attendee
439 Dow Chemical Company TX Jamaal Washburn Sales Specialist 06/15/22 Attendee
440 DraCool TN Caleb Avendano Sales Director/Product Development 06/01/22 Attendee
441 DraCool TN Anthony Coppellotti Sales Executive 06/01/22 Attendee
442 DRT America GA Jerry Butler Director of Procurement 03/01/22 Attendee
443 DS Chemie Germany Ingo Notz Managing Director 11/19/21 Attendee
444 DuPont Specialty Products Company DE Donald Ainsworth Commodity Manager 04/04/22 Attendee
445 Durez NY David Cassert North American Procurement Manager 03/31/22 Attendee
446 DVCC MD Jennifer Mahoney Product Specialist 05/06/22 Attendee
447 E21 ERP OH Alex Smith Vice President 01/14/22 Exhibitor
448 Eastar Chemical NJ Peter Botzenhart global business manager 06/15/22 Attendee
449 Eastman TN Philip Bradbourne Account Manager 06/22/22 Exhibitor
450 Eastman TN Tay Egres Commercial Leader 06/22/22 Exhibitor
451 Eastman Agriculture Solutions TN Krissie Hoff MarCom Rep 03/14/22 Exhibitor
452 Eastman Agriculture Solutions NC Sandra Reid Account Manager 04/04/22 Exhibitor
453 Eastman Chemical TN Kenneth Breeding Jr Global Manager Technical Services 05/13/22 Attendee
454 Eastman Chemical TN John Burns Segment Market Manager 06/01/22 Exhibitor
455 Eastman Chemical TN Carlos Candelas Torres Scale Up 05/03/22 Attendee
456 Eastman Chemical TN Philip Geiger chemist 05/19/22 Attendee
457 Eastman Chemical TN Vic Hasler Master Black Belt/Technology 04/21/22 Attendee
458 Eastman Chemical TN Chrissy Idlette Account Manager 06/09/22 Attendee
459 Eastman Chemical NC Jay Jackson Account Manager 06/01/22 Attendee
460 Eastman Chemical TN Kyle Mcdonough Product Leader 04/18/22 Attendee
461 Eastman Chemical TN David Moore AMS Manager 04/19/22 Attendee
462 Eastman Chemical TN Dhiraj Sood Technology 06/02/22 Attendee
463 Eastman Chemical Company GA John Kelly Global Key Account Manager 06/20/22 Attendee
464 Eastman Kodak Company NY David Dubois North Amer Prdct Sales Specialist 11/08/21 Exhibitor
465 Eastman Kodak Company NY Michael Johnson Indirect Chemical Sales Manager 11/08/21 Exhibitor
466 Eastman Kodak Company NY John Sherman Business Development 05/09/22 Exhibitor
467 Edgewater Capital OH Ryan Meany Managing Partner 06/01/22 Attendee
468 EKATO TN Justin Lightner RSM 06/03/22 Attendee
469 Elan Technology GA Terry McCormick Chief Operating Officer 05/09/22 Exhibitor
470 elchemy.com India Hardik Seth Director 05/03/22 Attendee
471 Electronic Fluorocarbons MA Ryan Dwinal Procurement Manager 06/08/22 Attendee
472 Electronic Fluorocarbons MA Andrew Tritsch Product Manager 06/09/22 Attendee
473 Element Chemicals TX Andy Herell VP of Bus Development & Technology 03/31/22 Attendee
474 Elkem SC John Garris R&I 03/31/22 Exhibitor
475 Elkem NJ Kyle Jano Sales 03/31/22 Exhibitor
476 Elkem NJ Nathan Williams Sales 03/31/22 Exhibitor
477 Elkem Silicones NJ Duane MEINDERTSMA Sales Distribution Manager 03/31/22 Exhibitor
478 Elkem Silicones NJ Deanna Michna Bus. Dev. Manager 03/31/22 Exhibitor
479 Elkem Silicones SC Roman Radekevich Market Manager 03/31/22 Exhibitor
480 Elkhart Plastics LLC IN Cullen Jones Vice President of Sales 05/26/22 Exhibitor
481 Elkhart Plastics LLC IN Dale Ohlrich Accoutn Executive IBC Division 01/06/22 Exhibitor
482 Elkhart Plastics LLC IN Sheri Yates Account Manager-IBC Divisioin 01/06/22 Exhibitor
483 EMCO Chemical Packaging TN Travis Barnwell Sales Representative 05/26/22 Exhibitor
484 EMCO Chemical Packaging IL Randy Schwab Vice President 05/26/22 Exhibitor
485 Encore Container SC Ashley Maroney Sales Manager 12/16/21 Attendee
486 ENGY Southwest Container Products TX Clay Miller Account Manager 06/21/22 Attendee
487 Entegris PA Octavius Davies Account Manager - Specialty Chemica 03/29/22 Exhibitor
488 Entegris PA Daniel Horn Account Manager - SCEM 03/29/22 Exhibitor
489 Entegris Inc. PA Chris Henklin Sr. Product Manager 03/22/22 Exhibitor
490 EPCM MO Kirk Grantham National Sales Manager 03/07/22 Attendee
491 EPIC Systems MO Kerby Hefley Project Manager 06/06/22 Attendee
492 EPIC Systems MO Stephen Johns Regional Account Manager 06/05/22 Attendee
493 EPIC Systems MO Ken Sipes Director - Process Systems 06/06/22 Attendee
494 EREZTECH GA Roman Rytov CEO 03/29/22 Attendee
495 ESIM Chemicals Germany Jochen Dittombe Key Account and Project Director 03/24/22 Exhibitor
496 ESIM Chemicals Germany Paul von Golaszewski Project & Account Manager 03/24/22 Exhibitor
497 ESIM Chemicals Austria Frank Wegener CEO 03/24/22 Exhibitor
498 Essential Ingredients GA Harrison Finney SVP, Commercial Development 05/17/22 Attendee
499 Essential Ingredients TX April Yeager SVP of Operations 05/17/22 Attendee
500 Essential Ingredients, Inc. GA Mark Chilton Sr. VP - Business Development 05/25/22 Attendee
501 Ethox SC Chuck Hinton President Emeritus 05/02/22 Exhibitor
502 Ethox Chemicals SC William Davis Account Manager 03/17/22 Exhibitor
503 Ethox Chemicals SC Philip Howard President 06/03/22 Attendee
504 Ethox Chemicals SC Charles Palmer VP, Technical 06/22/22 Attendee
505 Ethox Chemicals SC Chris Welch VP Sales 03/18/22 Exhibitor
506 Ethox Chemicals, LLC SC Kurt Waldthausen Account Manager 03/17/22 Attendee
507 Ethox Chemicals,LLC SC Brad Swillen Business Director 06/02/22 Attendee
508 Evans, Witt and Partners, LLC NC Chris Evans Managing Partner 06/01/22 Attendee
509 Everchem PA David Patten GM 05/31/22 Attendee
510 Everchem Specialty Chemicals PA Robert Smetana GM 05/31/22 Attendee
511 Evonik Corporation PA Yada Chulakham Strategic Sourcing Specialist 05/11/22 Attendee
512 Evonik Corporation KY Misty Dunn Sr. Sales Manager - Catalysts 03/31/22 Exhibitor
513 Evonik Corporation VA Saiid Mohammed Sr. Technical Market Mgr-Silica 03/31/22 Exhibitor
514 Evonik Corporation NJ Caren Moran Regional Business Mgr - Silica 03/31/22 Exhibitor
515 Evonik Corporation AL Robert Schaerfl Sr. Process Consultant 06/14/22 Attendee
516 Evonik Corporation PA Jessie Walters Global Director, External Manuf. 05/11/22 Attendee
517 Exacto WI Eva Magnusen Director of Strategy & Operations 05/20/22 Attendee
518 Exacto Inc. WI Scott Schroeder Materials Manager 06/14/22 Attendee
519 Exacto, Inc WI Frank Sexton VP - Research, Development & Innova 06/13/22 Attendee
520 Excalibur Lipid Tehnology TN James Foreman Director of Sales 06/15/22 Attendee
521 Excel Products, Inc. SC Philip Patrick President 06/07/22 Attendee
522 Exfluor TX Tyson Railey Head of Sales and Marketing 05/17/22 Attendee
523 Exim-Indis Inc. ME Bob Byron VP Business Developement 05/23/22 Attendee
524 Exim-Indis Inc. TX Amit Tibrewala President 06/01/22 Attendee
525 ExxonMobil TX Jo Ann Canich Organometallic Catalysis Principal 06/02/22 Attendee
526 ExxonMobil TX Catherine Faler Staff Chemist 05/31/22 Attendee
527 ExxonMobil TX Maureen Restauro Product Management 06/13/22 Attendee
528 ExxonMobil TX Julie Rodriguez Oxy & Tolling S&OP 06/01/22 Attendee
529 ExxonMobil TX Andrew Tsang Senior Global Category Manager 06/10/22 Attendee
530 F2 chemicals ltd United Kingdom Helen McNamee Commercial Manager 04/19/22 Exhibitor
531 F2 chemicals ltd United Kingdom Andy Penman Managing Director 04/19/22 Exhibitor
532 Fanwood Chemical, Inc. NJ VM (Jim) DeLisi President 04/06/22 Attendee
533 FAR Chemical FL Joe Beatty VP/GM 03/29/22 Attendee
534 Farmers Business Network GA David Faulkner Global Quality Control Manager 06/17/22 Attendee
535 Farmers Business Network Canada Robert Hamlin VP Global Procurement/Prod 05/06/22 Attendee
536 Farmers Business Network IL Tom Lyons VP Global Procurement and Supply 03/16/22 Attendee
537 Farmers Business Network SD Brandi Marchetti Sr. Production Planner 04/13/22 Attendee
538 Farmers Business Network GA Lee McDuffie Sr. Production Planner 05/06/22 Attendee
539 Farmers Business Network Canada Chris Noske Director of Production 04/20/22 Attendee
540 Farmers Business Network TX Jenni Tadlock Procurement Manager 03/16/22 Attendee
541 Farmers Business Network NE Jeff Thayer VP, Operations & Procurement 03/16/22 Attendee
542 FBC Chemical Corp PA Laura Augustine Sales Representative 03/31/22 Attendee
543 FBC Chemical Corp PA Court Hudac The Selling Daoist 03/31/22 Attendee
544 FBC Chemical Corp PA Owen Hudac Sales Manager 03/31/22 Attendee
545 FCI Technology/ Mount Vernon Chem NC Richard Barnhardt Vice President / General Manager 03/29/22 Attendee
546 Federal Equipment Company OH Steve Nelson VP of Business Development 03/17/22 Exhibitor
547 Federal Equipment Company OH David Winger Vice President 03/17/22 Exhibitor
548 Federal Mfg. WI Steve Cull Director of Sales 05/22/22 Attendee
549 Federal Mfg. WI Kevin Walker Regional Sales Manager 05/22/22 Attendee
550 Filron Solutions SC David Kinlaw Marketing 06/16/22 Attendee
551 Filron Solutions SC Ryan Oliver Marketing 06/16/22 Attendee
552 Filron Solutions SC Brandon Williams Marketing 06/16/22 Attendee
553 Fine Organics Limited DE Pete Schiffer Consultant 04/25/22 Exhibitor
554 Fine Organics Limited United Kingdom Liz Swainston Commercial Manager 04/22/22 Exhibitor
555 Fine Organics Limited (Lianhetech) United Kingdom Robin Fan Head of Crop BU 06/15/22 Exhibitor
556 Fine Organics Limited (Lianhetech) United Kingdom Joe Lin Head of Process Development 06/15/22 Exhibitor
557 Fine Organics Limited (Lianhetech) United Kingdom Simon Rowell Commercial Director 06/15/22 Exhibitor
558 Fisher Specialty Advising, LLC SC Frank Fisher President 05/12/22 Attendee
559 FlexSack by ABC Polymer Industries AL Allen Aubin VP, Director of Sales & Business De 06/22/22 Exhibitor
560 FlexSack by ABC Polymer Industries AL Patrick Williams National Sales Representative 06/22/22 Exhibitor
561 Fliron Solutions SC H.L. Wiggs Business Development 06/22/22 Attendee
562 Flottweg KY Lee Betkowski Chemical Industry Manager 10/26/21 Exhibitor
563 Flottweg KY Oliver Willmann Sales 10/26/21 Exhibitor
564 Fluid Air IL Dominic DeMaria Sales Director 04/12/22 Attendee
565 Fluid Air IL Patricia DeMark Sales Engineer 04/12/22 Attendee
566 FluorInnovation-M&M Braun GmbH Germany Max Braun Expert for industrial Fluorinations 02/18/22 Attendee
567 FMC Corporation PA Thaisa Hugenneyer VP, Global Procurement, Logistics 05/13/22 Attendee
568 FMC Corporation DE Nathalie Le Narvor Global Category Manager 05/19/22 Attendee
569 FMC Corporation PA Chelsea Reed Sourcing Manager 06/01/22 Attendee
570 FMC Corporation Singapore Ryan Thomas Global Category Lead - CMO 05/26/22 Attendee
572 FMI Capital Advisors CO James Holmes Managing Director-Head of Chemicals 03/29/22 Attendee
573 FOAMit MI Scott Naylor Business Development Manager 04/18/22 Attendee
574 Forbeats Ltd United Kingdom Ben Beattie Chemical Toll Processing Consultant 03/03/22 Attendee
575 Forbeats Ltd United Kingdom Harry Beattie Chemical Toll Processing Consultant 03/03/22 Attendee
578 Franklin Engineering Group TN Alicia Dauw Project Manager 06/09/22 Attendee
579 Fresco System USA PA Fidan Labbe Business Director 05/11/22 Attendee
580 Fres-co System USA, Inc PA Brian Spencer Business Development 05/11/22 Attendee
581 Frontier Specialty Chemicals, Inc. UT Bert Israelsen President 06/07/22 Attendee
582 FUJIFILM Electronic Materials AZ Dan Teff Product Development Manager 06/14/22 Attendee
583 FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals USA Corp VA Jeff Burke General Manager 05/17/22 Exhibitor
584 FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals USA Corp VA Andrew Shin Manager 05/17/22 Exhibitor
585 FutureFuel Chemical Company AR Robby Callahan Advanced Procurement Technologist 02/18/22 Exhibitor
586 FutureFuel Chemical Company AR Kim Cole Product Development Manager 02/18/22 Exhibitor
587 FutureFuel Chemical Company AR Charlie Lyon Sr. VP Strategy & Planning 02/18/22 Exhibitor
588 FutureFuel Chemical Company AR Dana Nye Sr. Market Development Executive 02/18/22 Exhibitor
589 FutureFuel Chemical Company AR Liz Spahn Advanced Development Scientist 06/06/22 Exhibitor
590 FutureFuel Chemical Company AR James Stockhausen Sr. Commercial Development Manager 02/18/22 Exhibitor
591 FutureFuel Chemical Company AR Jim Wilder Commercial Director 02/18/22 Exhibitor
592 Gaylord Chemical LA Cynthia Malpica Director of Sales 06/17/22 Exhibitor
593 Gaylord Chemical LA Mick Sadoudi Director, Sales and Marketing 06/02/22 Exhibitor
594 Gaylord Chemical LA Brandon Shaw Market Development Manager 06/02/22 Exhibitor
595 Gaylord Chemical Company TN Chris Masters Director of Sales and Marketing 06/22/22 Exhibitor
596 Geo. Pfaus Sons Co., Inc. IN Brian Miller VP -Sales 05/04/22 Attendee
597 GFS Chemicals OH Austin Hutchinson General Manager - Organics 05/17/22 Exhibitor
598 GFS Chemicals OH Robert Kramer Sales & Business Development -Inorg 05/17/22 Exhibitor
599 Gharda Chemicals International, Inc NC Gary Floyd National Accounts Manager 05/27/22 Attendee
600 Gharda Chemicals International, Inc PA Ram Seethapathi President 05/27/22 Attendee
601 GJ Chemical NJ Nicolas Colonna Purchasing Manager 04/07/22 Attendee
602 GJ Chemical NJ Regina Hoy Sr. Account Manager 04/07/22 Attendee
603 Global Biocides Solutions, LLC SC John McGroarty President 05/31/22 Attendee
604 Global Biocides Solutions, LLC PA Bryan McGroarty Vice President Operations 05/31/22 Attendee
605 Global Phosphorus Solutions Inc. VA Kurt Johnson Marketing Manager 03/29/22 Attendee
606 Global Phosphorus Solutions Inc. OH Tim Johnson VP of Sales 03/31/22 Attendee
607 Global-Pak OH Paul Allen Senior Account Executive 03/30/22 Exhibitor
608 Global-Pak OH Brady Webster Sr. Business Development Manager 03/30/22 Exhibitor
609 Goulston Technologies NC Jep Simpson Purchasing Manager 06/22/22 Attendee
610 Gowan Company AZ VIRGINIA DALY Global Sourcing Manager 03/29/22 Attendee
611 Gowan Company AZ ERIC ISAACSON U.S. Supply Chain Manager 06/02/22 Attendee
612 Gowan Company AZ LEIGH LOUGHEAD-WILSON GLOBAL BUYER 03/29/22 Attendee
613 Gowan Crop Protection Ltd United Kingdom Washim Uddin Mfg & Synthesis Specialist 03/29/22 Attendee
614 Gowan Milling AZ Michael Callahan Plant Manager 04/12/22 Attendee
615 Gowan Milling AZ Jarod Harvick Operations Manager 06/03/22 Attendee
616 Gowan Milling AZ Richard Suarez Manufacturing Commercial Manager 03/29/22 Attendee
617 Grace Matthews Inc. WI Andy Hinz Managing Director 11/19/21 Attendee
618 Grace Matthews Inc. WI Kevin Yttre President & Managing Director 11/19/21 Attendee
619 Greenways Consulting PA Jerry Green President 04/06/22 Attendee
620 Greif OH Tammy Drumheller Account Manager 03/31/22 Exhibitor
621 Greif OH Sven Henigschmidt Key Account Manager 03/31/22 Exhibitor
622 Greif OH Tytus King Account Manager 03/31/22 Exhibitor
623 Greif OH Dan Lafond Director Sales & Marketing 03/31/22 Exhibitor
624 Greif OH Jesse LeGrande Director Sales & Marketing 03/31/22 Exhibitor
625 Grupa Azoty Canada Paul Bozek NORAM Sales Manager 06/15/22 Attendee
626 H.B. Fuller MN Richard Malmsten Technical Manager 02/08/22 Attendee
627 H.B. Fuller Company MN Dan Schultz Principal Sourcing Manager 05/17/22 Attendee
628 Hallstar IL Kevin Spears Operations Manager - NA 05/25/22 Attendee
629 Halocarbon GA Derek Brown Supply Chain Director 04/27/22 Attendee
630 Halocarbon GA Matthew Mailloux Supply Chain Manager 04/27/22 Attendee
631 Haltermann Carless IN Bryan Schorr NA Sales Manager 05/09/22 Attendee
632 Hanbay, Inc. VA Chris DePalma Technical Sales Manager 06/01/22 Attendee
633 Harcros Chemicals FL Gary Delk Regional Manager 04/27/22 Attendee
634 Harcros Chemicals GA Rai Faircloth District Manager 05/05/22 Attendee
635 Harcros Chemicals GA Rob Foley Regional Manager 05/04/22 Attendee
636 Harcros Chemicals KS Mark Hamilton President & CEO 03/30/22 Attendee
637 Harcros Chemicals KS Jared Reigle Director of Marketing 03/30/22 Attendee
638 Harcros Chemicals NC Dwight Riggs District Manager 03/31/22 Attendee
639 Harcros Chemicals KS Matt Shipp Market Manager - Agro 04/07/22 Attendee
640 Harton LifeScience Corp. NY Tony Uberoi President 03/22/22 Attendee
641 Hatton-Mapes LLC / dba GLH GA Bernard Mapes Managing Member 05/02/22 Attendee
642 Haviland Products MI Dan Burke HPC Account Manager 03/24/22 Exhibitor
643 Haviland Products MI Laura Jakel HPC Account Manager 03/24/22 Exhibitor
644 Haviland Products MI JIM KNAPE Sr. Director of Contract Mfg 03/04/22 Exhibitor
645 Haviland Products MI MARK SIEGRIST HPC Senior Technical Sales 03/24/22 Exhibitor
646 Haviland Products MI Shea Stevens Buyer II 03/30/22 Exhibitor
647 Hawkins Inc. MN Allen Konkel Agronomist 11/17/21 Attendee
648 Hawkins Inc. MN Craig LaPlante Agronomist 11/17/21 Attendee
649 Hawkins Inc. MN Dave Mangine VP Industrial 11/17/21 Attendee
650 Hawkins Inc. MN Todd Nichols Head R&D Chemist- Agriculture 03/30/22 Attendee
651 Hawkins Inc. MN Corey Petersen Manager- Agriculture 11/17/21 Attendee
652 Hawkins Inc. MN Ted Stern Manager- Agriculture 11/17/21 Attendee
653 Heinkel Drying & Separation Group NJ Bob Edwards Sales & Business Dev. Manager 05/24/22 Exhibitor
654 HeiQ Chemtex NC David Bilbro Technical Vice President 02/20/22 Attendee
655 Helena Agri-Enterprises TX Jennifer Bear Mgr, Formulations & Regulatory 04/28/22 Attendee
656 Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC TN Stacy Doonan Director, Omni Brands 06/21/22 Attendee
657 Helena Industries, LLC TN Phil Berryman President/CEO 03/25/22 Attendee
658 Helena Industries, LLC TN Scott Braswell Director of Sales & Procurement 03/25/22 Attendee
659 Helena Industries, LLC TN Jeremy Cromwell Customer Liaison 03/25/22 Attendee
660 Helena Industries, LLC GA Jeff Owens Toll Sales Manager 03/25/22 Attendee
661 Helena Industries, LLC TN David Wicker Sourcing Manager 03/25/22 Attendee
662 HELM TX Rob Medlock Sales Manager 06/06/22 Attendee
663 Helm Agro FL Nicholas Mylonakis Supply Chain Director 04/29/22 Attendee
664 Helm Agro FL Fabian Siegmann Global Value Chain Manager 04/29/22 Attendee
665 Heraeus TN Bob Fair Sales Manager 05/11/22 Attendee
666 Heraeus Precious Metals NA LLC CA CJ Sapre Sales Manager 05/11/22 Attendee
667 Herding Filtration LLC MI Nick Roberts VP - Western Region 06/18/22 Attendee
668 Heubach NC Mark Self Segment Manager 05/20/22 Exhibitor
669 Hocking International TX Greg Crawford CEO 06/07/22 Attendee
670 Hocking International Laboratories IA Patrick McMullan Specialty Product Manager 06/22/22 Attendee
671 Honeywell CO Jerry Barnett Lead Quality Engineer 06/08/22 Attendee
672 Honeywell NJ Vincent LaFrado Procurement Director 05/26/22 Attendee
673 Honeywell IL Mark Staniulis Director Chemical Plant Opterations 06/02/22 Attendee
674 Honeywell UOP IL Saifuddin Zainuddin Global Procurment Manager 05/27/22 Attendee
676 HOYER Global USA Inc TX Scott Gonzalez Commercial Manager 03/14/22 Exhibitor
677 HOYER Global USA Inc TX Anna Nguyen Commercial Manager 03/14/22 Exhibitor
678 HOYER Global USA Inc TX Mark Reader Commercial Director North America 03/14/22 Exhibitor
679 HSBC NY Cameron Morris Managing Director 06/08/22 Attendee
680 Huntington Bank OH Toby Rau Managing Director 02/03/22 Attendee
681 Huntsman Corporation TX Kai Xi Research Manager 06/21/22 Attendee
682 HV2 Enterprises.com PA Niral Sheth Vice President of Operations 06/20/22 Attendee
683 Hydrite Chemical Co. WI Daniel Wojciechowicz General Manager - Process Business 05/27/22 Attendee
684 icc chemical corporation NY william huml product manager 06/14/22 Attendee
685 ICL MO Jennifer Lehman Sales Director 06/08/22 Attendee
686 ICL Phoshate Specialty OH John PAINTER Sr Sales Manager 06/20/22 Attendee
687 ICL Phosphate Specialty AL Brian Crumpton Account Executive 03/21/22 Attendee
688 IMCD NJ Michal Archman International Director Agrochemical 04/21/22 Attendee
689 IMCD NJ Greg Bachman Technical Account Manager 04/21/22 Attendee
690 IMCD NJ Sibu Varghese US Director of Pharma 04/21/22 Attendee
691 Impact Management Consulting IL John Flaugher Consultant 06/22/22 Attendee
692 ImportGenius AZ Mark Condon Account Executive 05/17/22 Exhibitor
693 Inbra Chemical Company SC Laura Korcsmaros Office Manager 03/18/22 Attendee
694 Inbra Chemical Company SC Heather Simpson Purchasing Manager 03/18/22 Attendee
695 InChem SC Jack Bostock Chief Commercial Officer 06/02/22 Attendee
696 InChem SC Mike Crownshaw Commercial Manager 06/02/22 Attendee
697 independent chemical corp NY jonathan spielman President 04/21/22 Attendee
698 Indo Amines Americas LLC DE Milind Abhyankar Director 06/03/22 Exhibitor
699 Indo Amines Americas LLC DE Shruti Borkar International Sales Manager 06/03/22 Exhibitor
700 Indo Amines Americas LLC DE Pradeep Navelkar Country Head 05/30/22 Exhibitor
701 Indo Amines Americas LLC DE Rahul Palkar Managing Director 05/30/22 Exhibitor
702 Indo Amines Americas LLC DE Atul Patil International Sales Manager 06/03/22 Exhibitor
703 Indorama TX Jeff Wu Business Manager Distribution 05/10/22 Attendee
704 Indorama (Formerly Oxiteno) TX JJ Hundley Tolling Operations Manager 06/20/22 Attendee
705 Indorama Ventures Oxides LLC TX Brett Butler Sr Account Manager 06/01/22 Attendee
706 INEOS Acetyls PA Roger Sumner Account Manager 06/08/22 Attendee
707 Infineum NJ Sam Klein Process Technologist 06/01/22 Attendee
708 Infineum USA L.P. NJ Alexander Proctor Procurement Global Category Leader 05/19/22 Attendee
709 Infor CA Chris Forsman Senior Account Executive 06/22/22 Attendee
710 Infor NY Dave Riley Strategic Account Executive 06/22/22 Attendee
711 Ingevity SC Ashley Brown Contract Manufacturing Manager 05/26/22 Attendee
712 Ingevity SC Jennifer Henry Senior Chemist 05/17/22 Attendee
713 Ingevity SC Kamolrat Metavarayuth Senior Formulation Chemist 05/17/22 Exhibitor
714 Ingevity SC Kim Polk Product Manager 05/20/22 Exhibitor
715 Ingevity SC Qi Wang Technical Team leader 05/17/22 Exhibitor
716 Inmark GA Frank Alexander Sales Operations Manager 04/01/22 Attendee
717 Innolith Germany Michael Hassler Head of Industrialization 06/08/22 Attendee
718 Innospec NC robert Griffiths Global Vice President 06/08/22 Attendee
719 Innovative Chemical Technologies GA Mark Terry Vice President 06/20/22 Attendee
720 Inorganic Ventures VA Tyler Farnsworth Head of Product Development 05/02/22 Attendee
721 Integrity BioChem TX Michael Suver Executive Vice-Presdient 05/31/22 Attendee
722 Integrity Bio-Chem MO Jimmy Jett CEO / President 06/13/22 Attendee
723 Interchem. Corp. NJ Kurt Stalder Director, Sales, Business Developme 06/20/22 Attendee
724 International Chemical Group Canada Edward Baher President & General Manager 06/20/22 Attendee
725 International Process Plants (IPP) NJ Stanley Sackowitz VP Business Development 02/14/22 Exhibitor
726 International Process Plants (IPP) NJ Keith West Director, Global Equipment Sales 02/14/22 Exhibitor
727 Interoceanic Corporation NY Imtiaz Saboor Business Development 06/03/22 Attendee
728 Interoceanic Corporation NY Max Schlubach VP-Business Development 06/03/22 Attendee
729 Interstate Commodities SC Chris Urban Acct. Manager 06/10/22 Attendee
730 Inventys Research Company India KS Shivanand Chief Commercial Officer 05/19/22 Attendee
731 INVISTA KS Jack Tatman Global Leader - Chemical Tolling 03/30/22 Attendee
732 IPAC Inc. VA Ronald Chen Senior Research Scientist 06/17/22 Attendee
733 IPACKCHEM PA Victor Lusvardi Chief Strategy & BD Officer 06/03/22 Exhibitor
734 IPACKCHEM France Paul Sharp Chief Commercial Officer 06/07/22 Exhibitor
735 IPCO US LLC NJ Kevin Hagan Sales Engineer 05/09/22 Attendee
736 ISK Biosciences OH Anthony Colacarro Supply Chain Manager 05/19/22 Attendee
737 ISK Biosciences TN Peter Tchouros Vice President of Operations 11/24/21 Attendee
738 ISK Biosciences Corporation TN Ashley Brown Analytical Chemist 02/02/22 Attendee
739 IsleChem by Aceto NY Daniel Canavan Vice President 04/30/22 Exhibitor
740 IsleChem by Aceto NY Larry Fertel Research Director 04/30/22 Exhibitor
741 Ivanhoe Industries IL Don Boutzarelos Midwest Regional Sales Manager 05/05/22 Exhibitor
742 Ivanhoe Industries TX Keith Hammerschmidt National Sales Manager 05/05/22 Exhibitor
743 Ivanhoe Industries NC Jon Parsley Eastern Regional Manager 05/05/22 Exhibitor
744 Ivanhoe Industries IL Paul Peebles Executive Vice President 05/05/22 Exhibitor
745 Iwaki America MA Mark Hester RSM 06/02/22 Exhibitor
746 Iwaki America MA Audrey Yates RSM 06/02/22 Exhibitor
747 J R Hess Company, Inc. RI Tony Thompson EVP 06/03/22 Attendee
748 J William Breen Inc SC Joseph Breen President 03/31/22 Attendee
749 J. Rettenmaier USA LP MI Donald Hearl National Sales Manager - Filtration 06/17/22 Attendee
750 Jarchem Innovative Ingredients NJ Peter Gerritsen Business Manager 06/08/22 Exhibitor
751 Jarchem Innovative Ingredients NJ Arthur Hein VP/General Manager 06/08/22 Exhibitor
752 Jayhawk Fine Chemicals KS Jay Hendren Director of Supply Chain 04/04/22 Attendee
753 Jayhawk Fine Chemicals Corporation KS Jeff Cassidy Business Director 11/30/21 Attendee
754 JBMbio LLC MI Jeff Blake Manager 05/26/22 Attendee
755 Jedson OH Rami Edmondson Vice President 03/15/22 Attendee
756 Jedson Engineering OH Chris Voight Project Director 05/17/22 Attendee
757 Jeffrey Gates FL Jeffrey Gates Retired 05/31/22 Attendee
758 JNS-SmithChem, CheMarCo Div. NC Fred Tolerico Sr. Account Mgr. 05/09/22 Attendee
759 John S James Co NC Ben Stevens Senior Business Developer 06/22/22 Attendee
760 JohnPac LA Gunner Aker VP of Sales and Marketing 05/23/22 Exhibitor
761 JohnPac LA Hans Peckhaus Global Technical Director 05/23/22 Exhibitor
762 Johnson Matthey NJ Rich Brzozowski Technical Commercial Manager 02/16/22 Exhibitor
763 Johnson Matthey IL Eddie De Amorim Regional Sales Manager 02/07/22 Attendee
764 Johnson Matthey NJ Vik Kundu Sales Representative Refining 02/15/22 Exhibitor
765 JR Hess Co., Inc RI Peter Hess President 06/15/22 Attendee
766 JULABO USA PA Lisa Sprenger Account Manager 05/03/22 Attendee
767 JVIC, a Zachry Group company LA Travis Arceneaux Business Development Manager 06/13/22 Attendee
768 KAG Logistics, Inc. MS Sheri Mosley Director, Business Development 05/31/22 Attendee
769 KALO, Inc. KS Brett Henson Director of Sales 05/25/22 Attendee
771 Kao Specialties Americas NC Virginia Tadvick Sales Manager, Oleochemicals & Spec 05/06/22 Attendee
772 Kao Specialties Americas, LLC TX William Robinson Senior Sales Manager 06/15/22 Attendee
773 Katoen Natie TX Daniel Garcia-Lopez Commercial Manager 05/06/22 Exhibitor
774 Katoen Natie TX Charlotte Nieuwenhuyse Comme 05/06/22 Exhibitor
775 Katoen Natie TX Sheena Sanders Commercial Manager 05/06/22 Exhibitor
776 KCF Technologies PA Will Shirley Sr. Director of Sales 05/10/22 Attendee
777 KCF Technologies PA Jacob Storedahl National Sales Manager 05/10/22 Attendee
778 KCH Transportation GA Jonathan Rios National Sales Manager 05/11/22 Attendee
779 KCH Transportation GA Brooklyn Spengeman Business Development Specialist 05/11/22 Attendee
780 KeenBolden LLC TX Jorge Torres CEO 06/22/22 Attendee
781 Keenbolden, LLC TX Jourdan Brogdon Vice President of Sales 06/22/22 Attendee
782 Kemira Chemicals SC Howard Joyner Site Manager 06/01/22 Attendee
783 Kemira Chemicals GA Onel Lopes Sourcing Manager 06/06/22 Attendee
784 Kemira Chemicals SC Nora Rudolph Raw Material Buyer, Colorants 06/01/22 Attendee
785 Kemlink USA TX Steve Capo VP Sales Marketing 05/18/22 Attendee
786 Key Corporate Services, LLC IN Erica Otey Director, Business Development 05/04/22 Attendee
787 Key International Inc. NJ JON BRAIDO Marketing Manager 03/25/22 Exhibitor
788 Key International Inc. NJ Saulo De Araujo Sales Engineer 03/25/22 Exhibitor
789 K-I Chemical U.S.A. Inc. NC NAOKI WATANABE Manager, Specialty Chemicals 05/23/22 Attendee
790 KIK IL Kyle Nelson Director, Procurement 06/17/22 Attendee
791 KIK Consumer Products IL Kyla Johnson Category Manager - Chemicals 05/27/22 Attendee
792 Kinder Morgan NJ Kelli Tanco Account Manager 05/31/22 Attendee
793 Kinder Morgan Liquid Terminals SC Justin Luther Commercial Manager 05/11/22 Attendee
794 Kingchem Life Science LLC NJ Colin Eckerling Director of Sales 04/01/22 Attendee
795 Kingchem Life Science LLC NJ Stephen Wang Chief Executive Officer 04/01/22 Attendee
796 Kingchem Life Science LLC NJ Lillian Wu Chief Operating Officer 03/29/22 Exhibitor
797 Kingchem Life Science LLC NJ Ryan Yoder Senior VP Business Development 03/29/22 Exhibitor
798 knoell USA, LLC PA Jeff Hafer Senior Regulatory Scientist 04/05/22 Exhibitor
799 knoell USA, LLC PA Jason Ratcliff TSCA Regulatory Expert 04/05/22 Exhibitor
800 knoell USA, LLC PA Jeff Sumpter Sales Manager, North America 04/06/22 Exhibitor
801 Knowde NY Jonathan Korobkin Enterprise Business Development 06/22/22 Attendee
802 Koch Agronomic Services KS Wayne Hackler Manager - Global Toll Manufacturing 06/07/22 Attendee
803 Koch Agronomic Services KS Jonathan Sisemore Director, Global Supply Chain 05/04/22 Attendee
804 Kodak - Specialty Chemicals NY Rajiv Balasubramaniam Tech Bus Dev Director 03/18/22 Exhibitor
805 Kodak - Specialty Chemicals NY Mikael Mahler Business Development DIrector 03/18/22 Exhibitor
806 Kohl Marketing VA Matthew Wallace Regional Manager 05/02/22 Attendee
807 Komline-Sanderson NJ Les Lattig Municipal Sales Engineer 04/13/22 Exhibitor
808 Komline-Sanderson NJ Tom OLeary Applications Engineer 04/13/22 Exhibitor
809 Kraton GA Gerry Heebner Sr. Manager Market Development 06/03/22 Attendee
810 Kraton Chemical LLC FL Arnaud Furet Sales Manager 06/08/22 Attendee
811 Kuraray America, Inc. TX Sandra Fatur Sales Representative 04/21/22 Exhibitor
812 Kuraray America, Inc. TX Rina Takeshita Sales Representative 04/21/22 Exhibitor
813 Kwaltech LLC TX Thomas Kowalski President 05/24/22 Attendee
814 La Petite Roche Technologies AR David Fortune VP - LPRT & Business Management 03/18/22 Exhibitor
815 Lacamas Laboratories OR JAMES TUNG Sales and Marketing 06/17/22 Attendee
816 LAMBERTI SYNTHESIS TN Gabriele Greco VICE PRESIDENT 05/10/22 Exhibitor
817 LAMBERTI SYNTHESIS TN STEVE SLOAN North America Account Manager, Agri 05/10/22 Exhibitor
818 Lamberti USA TX Scott Tann N. America Bus. Mgr. Agrichemicals 04/13/22 Attendee
819 Lancaster Products PA Tim Finn Technical Business Development 05/12/22 Exhibitor
820 Lancaster Products PA Cayden Miller Application Engineer 05/12/22 Exhibitor
821 Lanxess Corporation PA Glen Bowen Head of Sales Americas 11/22/21 Attendee
822 Lanxess Corporation PA Thomas Meisel Senior Account Executive 06/02/22 Attendee
823 Lanxess Corporation CT John Schettler Sales 04/18/22 Attendee
824 LANXESS Saltigo MI Steve Aderman Business Development Manager 03/21/22 Exhibitor
825 LANXESS Saltigo PA Tim Gagne Communications Manager 03/21/22 Exhibitor
826 LANXESS Saltigo PA Verena Vensky Head of Saltigo North America 03/21/22 Exhibitor
827 Lazard MN Joe Smaby Vice President 04/21/22 Attendee
828 Lazard Private Market Advisory, LLC MN Jeffrey Chen Managing Director 04/25/22 Attendee
829 LCI Corporation NC Alva Godfrey Sales Engineer Granulation 06/21/22 Attendee
830 Lee Container GA Misty Foster Eastern Regional Sales 06/07/22 Attendee
831 Leschaco, Inc GA Kevin Sexton National Account Manager 05/23/22 Attendee
832 Leschaco, Inc. TX Jeff Grogan General Manager of Sales 05/25/22 Attendee
833 Leschaco, Inc. TX Cheri Kauffman Sales Account Manager 06/01/22 Attendee
834 Lianhetech SC George Poe Board Member 05/27/22 Attendee
835 Liberty speciality chemicals NC Ritesh Ved President 03/31/22 Attendee
836 Linde CT Alfred Horn Business Development 04/20/22 Attendee
837 Linde CT Walter Renz Business Development 04/07/22 Exhibitor
838 Linde GA Tabitha Williams Account Manager 04/12/22 Exhibitor
839 Lintech International GA Chuck Churn Director Supplier Relations 06/06/22 Exhibitor
840 Lintech International GA Will Shurling Supplier Relations Coordinator 10/29/21 Exhibitor
841 Lion Elastomers LA Devon Dominici Corporate Development Manager 06/03/22 Attendee
842 Lion Elastomers LA Yuka Kimoto VP Corp & Business Dev 05/16/22 Attendee
843 Lion Specialty Chemicals TX Hiroyuki Matsuba Assistant Manager 05/18/22 Attendee
844 Lodige Process Technologie KY Charles Kroeger Sales Representative 06/02/22 Exhibitor
845 Lodige Process Technologie KY Rainer Siepmann Sales Manager 06/02/22 Exhibitor
846 Louisiana Chemical Equipment Co. LA Lawrence Medford VP 03/29/22 Exhibitor
847 Louisiana Chemical Equipment Co. TX Pedro Schlaefli Executive Director Latin America Sa 06/07/22 Exhibitor
848 Lowry Rhoads Associates TX Jonathan Rhoads Managing Partner 06/01/22 Attendee
849 MAAG Americas VA Len DeBoever Industrial Sales Engineer 06/22/22 Attendee
850 Madison Chemical Company, Inc. KY Charlie Aiken technical sales representative 06/07/22 Attendee
851 Magnakron Corporation NJ Kegan Dunne-Porter New Business Development Mgr 06/01/22 Attendee
852 Magnakron Corporation NJ Ted Maceda Vice President of Sales 06/01/22 Attendee
853 MATRIC WV Jack Dever Chief Technology Officer 01/25/22 Exhibitor
854 MATRIC WV Steve Hedrick Chairman & CEO 01/25/22 Exhibitor
855 MATRIC WV Robert Nunley Director Manufacturing 01/25/22 Exhibitor
856 MATRIC WV Jeremy Rader Pilot Plant Manager 01/25/22 Exhibitor
857 Mauser Packaging Solutions IL Kathleen Donovan Marketing Manager 04/22/22 Exhibitor
858 Mauser Packaging Solutions IN Ken Mushen Territory Sales Manager 06/07/22 Exhibitor
859 Mauser Packaging Solutions IL Mark Puchalla Director, Business Development 04/22/22 Exhibitor
860 Mauser Packaging Solutions IL Michelle Witherspoon Key Account Manager 06/07/22 Exhibitor
861 Maxunitech North America AZ David Hoppel Supply Chain Director 05/21/22 Attendee
862 Maxunitech North America TX Mingliang Ma CEO 06/08/22 Attendee
863 Mays Chemical Company, INC. IN Jeff Kenton Vice President of Sales 04/12/22 Attendee
864 Mays Chemical Company, Inc. IN Jeff Kenton Vice President of Sales 02/14/22 Attendee
865 Mays Chemical Company, INC. IN Allison Law Exec. Assist. to the President 04/12/22 Attendee
866 Mays Chemical Company, INC. IN Ty Smith Sales Representative 04/12/22 Attendee
867 Mays Chemical Company, Inc. IN Ty Smith Sales Representative 02/14/22 Attendee
868 McGean OH Mara Gliozzi VP / Global Business Manager 06/08/22 Exhibitor
869 McGean OH Dave Hurder COO 06/08/22 Exhibitor
870 McGean OH Tom Whitney Marketing Coordinator 06/08/22 Exhibitor
871 McGriff Insurance Services AL Michael Belling VP Chemical Practice Leader 06/07/22 Attendee
872 McTron Technologies SC Larry McDaniel CEO 06/20/22 Attendee
873 Meghmani Organics Limited India Ankit Patel CEO 03/31/22 Attendee
874 Meghmani Organics Limited India Amit Talesra Sr General Manager 03/31/22 Attendee
875 Metadynea Austria GmbH Austria Thomas Nick Head of Sales Chemical Services 04/13/22 Attendee
876 Metallix Refining NJ Frank Dantuono Buyer 03/24/22 Exhibitor
877 Metallix Refining NJ Dayron Ortega Buyer 03/24/22 Exhibitor
878 MFG Chemical TN Jon Amdursky Marketing Communications 06/09/22 Exhibitor
879 MFG Chemical TN Todd Brace Business Development Manager 06/06/22 Exhibitor
880 MFG Chemical TN Guido De Stefano Chief Science and Technology Office 04/08/22 Exhibitor
881 MFG Chemical TN Joe Dymecki VP of Sales 04/08/22 Exhibitor
882 MFG Chemical TN Tyler Thomas Product Manager 04/08/22 Exhibitor
883 MFG Chemical TN Paul Turgeon CEO 06/01/22 Exhibitor
884 Michael Keane, Jr., SP PA Michael Keane Principal Consultant 06/02/22 Attendee
885 Micro Chem Company GA Randy Connell Owner 03/30/22 Exhibitor
886 Micro Chem Company GA Andrew Holcomb QC Manager 03/30/22 Exhibitor
887 Micro Chem Company GA Robert Holcomb Owner 03/30/22 Exhibitor
888 Micro Oil, Inc. SK JOHN DANDREA NA Technical Manager 06/21/22 Attendee
889 Microban Products Company NC Ralph Owen Vice President, Global Supply Chain 06/10/22 Attendee
890 Milliken & Company SC Brian Burkhart Vice President, Fine Chemicals 05/25/22 Exhibitor
891 Milliken & Company SC Joe Fiore Global Sourcing 05/25/22 Exhibitor
892 Milliken & Company SC Natalie Hurd Chemical and Dye Buyer 04/01/22 Attendee
893 Milliken & Company SC Jeff Jones Fine Chemicals Sourcing Manager 05/31/22 Exhibitor
894 Milliken & Company SC John Kellam Senior VP of Operations 06/03/22 Attendee
895 Milliken & Company SC Al Kiser PA Buyer 05/25/22 Exhibitor
896 Milliken & Company SC Kelley Law Sr. Account Manager 05/25/22 Exhibitor
897 Milliken & Company SC Corey Lee Advanced Buyer 05/31/22 Exhibitor
898 Milliken & Company SC Mike McDonald VP of Sourcing 05/31/22 Exhibitor
899 Milliken & Company SC Mike Molnar Market Manager 06/08/22 Exhibitor
900 Milliken & Company SC Beth Parris PC&I Buyer 05/25/22 Exhibitor
901 Milliken & Company SC Bubba Patin Senior Account Manager 06/08/22 Exhibitor
902 Milliken & Company SC Dominique Rice Account Manager 06/08/22 Exhibitor
903 Milliken & Company SC Randy Schneider Sr. Business Development Manager 05/25/22 Exhibitor
904 Milliken & Company SC Jesse Shoultz Director of Continuous Improvement 05/25/22 Exhibitor
905 Milliken & Company SC Brett Snyder Senior Buyer 05/31/22 Exhibitor
906 Milliken & Company SC Jessica Styers Account Manager 06/08/22 Exhibitor
907 Milliken & Company SC Eduardo Torres Market Manager 06/08/22 Exhibitor
908 Milliken & Company SC Sarah Tweed Sales Director 05/25/22 Exhibitor
909 Milliken & Company SC Simon Zhang PC&I Sourcing Manager 05/25/22 Exhibitor
910 Mission Chemicals TX Justin Heinrich Director of Business Development 03/31/22 Attendee
911 Mission Chemicals TX Haley Koontz Business Development 03/31/22 Attendee
912 MODIFI NY Brian Dowd Director - North America 06/01/22 Attendee
913 Modus Logistics GA Chris Mitchell President 06/20/22 Attendee
914 Molex Group TX Derek Puppa VP Operations 05/17/22 Attendee
915 Monument Chemical KY Benjamin Hastings Sr. Technical Engineer 02/18/22 Attendee
916 Monument Chemical TX Liam McMillan Business Development Manager 03/30/22 Attendee
917 Monument Chemical KY Andrew Mueller Process Technology Engineer 05/12/22 Attendee
918 Monument Chemical KY Anping Wang R&D Leader 03/29/22 Attendee
919 Morchem Sales Inc ON Eric Morsink Director of Sales 05/27/22 Attendee
920 Mount Vernon Chemicals,LLC NC Randy Smith President 04/08/22 Attendee
921 MXD Process IN Tim Gunn Business Development Manager 05/12/22 Exhibitor
922 MXD Process IN Daniel Loeschen VP of Business Development 05/12/22 Exhibitor
923 NACD VA Roselle Foley Sr. Director, Business Development 03/24/22 Attendee
924 NACD VA Jenni Jenkins Director, Membership 03/24/22 Attendee
925 Nachurs Alpine Solutions OH Jeff Barnes CEO 02/14/22 Attendee
926 Nachurs Alpine Solutions OH Angela Kloha VP, Marketing 04/14/22 Exhibitor
927 Nachurs Alpine Solutions OH FRANK LAWSON V.P. OPERATIONS / ENGINEERING 06/01/22 Attendee
928 Nachurs Alpine Solutions OH Lee Lewand Sales Manager 04/01/22 Attendee
929 Nachurs Alpine Solutions OH Paul Williams Sales Manager 04/04/22 Exhibitor
930 Nachurs Industrial Chemicals OH Ralph Fusco Inside Sales 04/04/22 Exhibitor
931 NAGASE Specialty Materials IL Albert Bernhardt VP, Functional Materials 06/16/22 Exhibitor
932 NAGASE Specialty Materials IL Matt Elden Sales Manager 06/16/22 Exhibitor
933 NAGASE Specialty Materials IL John Kaplan Head of Marketing 06/16/22 Exhibitor
934 NAGASE Specialty Materials IL Paul Youngman Account Manager- Southeast 05/22/22 Attendee
935 Nation Ford Chemical SC Glenn Bergvist Plant Manager 03/29/22 Exhibitor
936 Nation Ford Chemical SC Brooke DiDomenico Technical Manager 03/29/22 Exhibitor
937 Nation Ford Chemical SC Phyllis Douglas Quality Assurance Manager 10/21/21 Exhibitor
938 Nation Ford Chemical SC Will Mullen Maintenance Manager 03/29/22 Exhibitor
939 Nel Hydrogen CT David Wolff Regional Sales Manager 03/17/22 Exhibitor
940 Net at Work NY Gisela Beaudean-Hornyai Team Manager, Sage X3 05/12/22 Exhibitor
941 Net at Work NY Samantha Marshall Practice Director, Sage Enterprise 05/12/22 Exhibitor
942 NETZSCH Premier Technologies, LLC PA Fred Missbach Sales Representative 06/21/22 Exhibitor
943 NETZSCH Premier Technologies, LLC PA Patrick Salvi Sales Director 06/21/22 Exhibitor
944 NETZSCH Premier Technologies, LLC PA Mark Seale Regional Sales Manager 06/21/22 Exhibitor
945 NeuAG LLC TX Bryan Guipre Business Development Manager 06/22/22 Attendee
946 NeuAG, LLC KS Alan Goldsby Product Manager 06/22/22 Attendee
947 Neuchem Inc. NV Leonard Boehm Sales Rep 05/09/22 Attendee
948 Neuchem Inc. NV Richard Maxwell Director, Sales and Marketing 05/09/22 Attendee
949 Neuchem Inc. NV Marc Neulight President 05/09/22 Attendee
950 Neuchem Inc. NV Linda Schepise Sales Rep 05/09/22 Attendee
951 NeuraLabel TX Collins Wimbish Global Account Manager 06/15/22 Exhibitor
952 New Life Chemical SC Elliott Gibbs Chief Chemist 06/21/22 Exhibitor
953 New Life Chemical SC Tim Northcutt Vice President Sales & Purchasing 04/13/22 Exhibitor
954 New Life Chemical SC Daniel Ross Vice President Technical 04/13/22 Exhibitor
955 Niacet Corporation NY Richard Alleger Account Manager 05/17/22 Attendee
956 Nouryon TX Claudia Giraldo Outsourcing Engineer 06/06/22 Attendee
957 Nouryon OH Jonathan Huff North America Sales Manager 06/08/22 Attendee
958 Nouryon PA John McCool Global Marketing Manager 06/02/22 Attendee
960 Novalent NC Brian Morabito Vice President of Sales 05/27/22 Attendee
961 Novalent NC Kevin Parrish CEO 05/28/22 Attendee
962 NOVAMONT SPA Italia Nicola Marini chemical intermediates business man 06/10/22 Attendee
963 NOVAMONT SPA Italia Alessandra Passera chemical intermediates business man 06/10/22 Attendee
964 Novasep & PharmaZell France Emilia Schmid Strategic Account Director 05/17/22 Attendee
965 Novity CA Robert Marsh Sales Engineer 06/17/22 Attendee
966 Novozymes North America NC Brian Neal Category Manager 03/10/22 Attendee
967 NRS Ocean Logistics TX Jacques Corblin President 05/16/22 Attendee
969 NRS Ocean Logistics TX Daniel Parra Regional Sales Manager - Americas 05/16/22 Attendee
970 NRS Ocean Logistics TX David Parra Sales 05/16/22 Attendee
971 Nufarm Americas Inc. IL Tanesha Brown Sr. Procurement Manager 05/06/22 Attendee
972 Nufarm Americas Inc. IL James Wang Procurement Director 05/06/22 Attendee
973 Nutrien IL Maria Abbott Regional Sales Manager 05/18/22 Attendee
974 nutrien IL Dave McLeish sales manager 05/18/22 Attendee
975 Nutrition21 NJ Cara Cesario VP. Product Development 05/26/22 Attendee
976 oakwood chemical SC Wilson Butler Business Development 05/26/22 Exhibitor
977 Oakwood Chemical SC Greg Butler President 05/26/22 Exhibitor
978 OC SPECIALITIES PVT LTD INDIA NITIN KULKARNI Executive Director 06/04/22 Exhibitor
981 Octochem Inc. IL John Caffarelli Business Development Mgr. 10/21/21 Exhibitor
982 Octochem Inc. IL Denny Grant General Mgr. 10/21/21 Exhibitor
983 Octochem Inc. IL Mark Langston President 10/21/21 Exhibitor
984 Ohio Chemistry Technology Council OH Jenn Klein President 03/16/22 Attendee
985 Oko OH Darren Small CEO 06/16/22 Attendee
986 Oko Exchange, Inc NY Sebastian Pedraza Chief Revenue Officer 06/08/22 Attendee
987 Olin TX Dale Green Operations Manager 06/08/22 Attendee
988 Olin Epoxy TX David Jean Sr R&D Manager 06/14/22 Attendee
989 Omega Chemicals Mexico Luis Garza Process Engineer 06/02/22 Attendee
990 Omega Chemicals Mexico Luis Garza General Manager 06/02/22 Attendee
991 Omega Chemicals, Inc. SC Anastase Ghionis CEO 04/01/22 Attendee
992 Omega Chemicals, Inc. SC Constantine Ghionis HSE Manager 04/01/22 Attendee
993 Omnium MO Dale Calendine Operations Director 06/20/22 Exhibitor
994 Omnium MO Chris Tusa Divisional Technical Manager 06/06/22 Exhibitor
995 OpenGate Capital CA Peter Lewis Vice President 06/01/22 Attendee
996 Optima Chemical Group, LLC GA Doug Cochran GM & VP of Business Development 03/29/22 Exhibitor
997 Optima Chemical Group, LLC GA Ed Lefler Director, Business Development 03/29/22 Exhibitor
998 Optima Chemical Group, LLC GA Gene Williams President 03/29/22 Exhibitor
999 Optima Chemical Group, LLC GA Keith Woodard Supply Chain Manager 03/29/22 Exhibitor
1000 OQ Chemicals TX Kyle Gross R&D Team Leader 05/19/22 Attendee
1001 OQ Chemicals Corporation TX Timothy Knight Director Business Development 06/12/22 Attendee
1002 OQ Corporation (former OXEA) GA Bill Parker Sales Director 06/01/22 Attendee
1003 ORG CHEM Group IN David Carson President / CEO 03/27/22 Exhibitor
1004 ORG CHEM Group IN Rick Fisher VP R&D 03/27/22 Exhibitor
1005 ORG CHEM Group IN Matt Loebbaka Business Development Manager 05/06/22 Exhibitor
1006 ORG CHEM Group IN Eric Lookofsky VP Operations and Engineering 03/27/22 Exhibitor
1007 ORG CHEM Group IN Mike Millard VP Commercial 03/27/22 Exhibitor
1008 Organic Dyes and Pigments LLC RI Barry Brady Southeast Regional Manager 05/25/22 Exhibitor
1009 Organic Dyes and Pigments LLC SC Bruce Cannada Production Manager 06/10/22 Exhibitor
1010 Organic Dyes and Pigments LLC RI Randy Yorston Marketing Manager 05/25/22 Exhibitor
1011 Orrex TX Brandon Callendar Sales/Marketing 05/16/22 Attendee
1012 Ortec, Inc SC Rodney Garza Business Manager 11/01/21 Exhibitor
1013 Ortec, Inc SC Greg Russell VP Business Development 11/01/21 Exhibitor
1014 Ortec, Inc. SC Russell Holliday Sr. Vice President 06/02/22 Attendee
1015 Ortec, Inc. SC Louie Steed Business Development 06/02/22 Attendee
1016 Otsuka Chemical America Inc. GA Cindy Barclay Supply Chain Coordinator 05/24/22 Attendee
1017 Otsuka Chemical America Inc. GA Mami Devonshire Supply Chain Manager 05/24/22 Attendee
1018 Oxiteno CA Bardia Dehghanmanshadi Account Manager 05/23/22 Attendee
1019 OXITENO TX Marco Hopf Business Manager - Crop Solutions 05/10/22 Attendee
1020 Pak Technologies, Inc. WI David Greif Director of Development 06/02/22 Exhibitor
1021 Pak Technologies, Inc. WI Kevin Schuele President / CEO 06/02/22 Exhibitor
1022 Palmer Holland, Inc. OH Anthony Bovalina Account Manager - Agriculture 03/31/22 Attendee
1023 Palmer Holland, Inc. OH Bret Horace Business Director - H&N 03/31/22 Attendee
1024 Paragon Chemical Technologies, Inc. PA Robert Rosen President 04/01/22 Attendee
1025 Paragon Chemical Technology PA Fereydon Abdesaken CEO 04/01/22 Attendee
1026 Paramount Colors TX BRAD HOUSENGA Bus Dev Mng 05/24/22 Attendee
1027 Paramount Colors TX Kris Iyer President 05/24/22 Attendee
1028 Parchem NY Luigi Magliaro EVP 04/22/22 Attendee
1029 Parijat Industries India Pvt. Ltd Canada Amita Sachan Director Americas 04/04/22 Attendee
1030 Parker Plastics OK Cameron Coyle Central Sales Manager 04/21/22 Attendee
1031 Parker Plastics NE Brad Rohrig Vice-President 02/02/22 Attendee
1032 PATCHAM USA NJ Chaitanya Desai Sr Vice President 06/01/22 Attendee
1033 Paul O. Abbe Inc. IL Jeff Hoffmann Vice President 10/21/21 Exhibitor
1034 PCC Chemax SC Ryan Pubentz Purchasing Manager 06/13/22 Attendee
1035 PCC Chemax, Inc. SC Katherine Bossert Director of Operations 06/03/22 Attendee
1036 PCC Chemax, Inc. SC Walter Mebane President and CEO 06/03/22 Attendee
1037 Pennakem TN Allyne Montano Commercial Director, Asia and India 06/01/22 Exhibitor
1038 Pennakem TN Barry Roberts Commercial Director North America 06/01/22 Exhibitor
1039 Percepture NJ Thor Harris Owner 06/02/22 Attendee
1042 Perry Videx, LLC NJ MIKE Ricchini SALES 11/15/21 Exhibitor
1043 Peru Manganese Corporation FL EDUARDO AZOFRA President 03/20/22 Attendee
1044 Peter Cremer North America OH Bradley Drury Vice President Sales & Marketing 05/27/22 Attendee
1045 PFP Commercial Consulting SC Jim Stavrakas Managing Director 05/12/22 Attendee
1046 Phoenix chemical inc. NJ Brian Curham Director of ISO 04/27/22 Attendee
1047 Phoenix chemical inc. NJ John Imperante Executive VP 04/27/22 Attendee
1048 PHT International NC Lars Bredlo Sales Director EU & Buisness Dev. 10/27/21 Exhibitor
1049 PHT International NC Jay Shahani Board Advisor 06/21/22 Attendee
1050 PHT International, Inc. NC Ansley Cockerham Sales Account Manager 03/29/22 Attendee
1051 PHT International, Inc. NC Travis Wesley Business Development Manager 04/04/22 Exhibitor
1052 PHT International, Inc. NC Mark Witterholt Head of Agricultural and Industrial 04/04/22 Exhibitor
1053 PHT International, Inc. NC Lihong Yu Chairwoman 04/04/22 Exhibitor
1054 Piedmont Chemical Industries NC Ben Espada VP/COO 03/29/22 Exhibitor
1055 Piedmont Chemical Industries NC Frank Little Sales Manager 03/29/22 Exhibitor
1056 Piedmont Chemical Industries NC Phil Madison Technical Director 03/29/22 Exhibitor
1057 Piedmont Chemical Industries NC Rede Wilson Technical Sales Representative 03/29/22 Exhibitor
1058 Pilot Chemical Company OH Pat Conover Industrial Sales Manager 04/07/22 Exhibitor
1059 Pilot Chemical Company OH Jeff Crume Business Manager - Biocides 04/07/22 Exhibitor
1060 Pilot Chemical Company OH Rob Harpum MW&L and O&G Sales Manager 06/14/22 Attendee
1061 Pilot Chemical Company OH Nick Jensen Procurement Specialist Raw Materi 05/16/22 Attendee
1062 Pilot Chemical Company OH Cathi Mowery Industrial Sr. Account Manager 05/16/22 Exhibitor
1063 PK Partners NY Stanley Sojka Business Development 06/02/22 Attendee
1064 Platte River Equity CO Kristian Whalen Managing Director 05/31/22 Attendee
1065 PMC Organometallix NJ Andrew Hogg Regional Sales Manager 05/10/22 Exhibitor
1066 PMC Organometallix KY Wayne Meyer Sr. Scientist, R&D 05/10/22 Exhibitor
1067 Polystar Containment OH Brandon Kissinger Outside Sales 03/18/22 Exhibitor
1068 Polystar Containment OH Tyler Miller Outside Sales 03/18/22 Exhibitor
1069 Polyventive, LLC GA Eric Rogers Business Dir. - Specialty Materials 06/22/22 Attendee
1070 Powder Processing & Technology, LLC IN Bryan Colter Development Engineer 03/23/22 Exhibitor
1071 Powder Processing & Technology, LLC IN Ali Kerr President 03/23/22 Exhibitor
1072 Powder Processing Technology IN John Kaziow General Partner 06/07/22 Attendee
1073 Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing MI Matthew Brown Regional Sales Manager 05/20/22 Exhibitor
1074 Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing MI Melissa Slaght Marketing Manager 05/20/22 Exhibitor
1075 PPG PA Brad Maletto Process Technology Engineer 06/07/22 Attendee
1076 PPG PA GUOBIN SHAN Research Associate 06/08/22 Attendee
1078 PRASOL CHEMICALS LTD India Aniruddha Dharmadhikari Sr. VP International Business 05/24/22 Attendee
1079 Pressure Chemical Co. PA Adam Deniziak Technical Sales Representative 05/26/22 Exhibitor
1080 Pressure Chemical Co. PA Dan Palmer Technical Sales Representative 05/26/22 Exhibitor
1081 Pressure Chemical Co. PA Emily Thurston Director of Sales 05/26/22 Exhibitor
1082 PrincetonTMX VA Conner Snare Enterprise Account Executive 06/01/22 Attendee
1083 Procedyne NJ Frank Fisher Sales Manager 06/20/22 Exhibitor
1084 Procedyne NJ Tom Parr President and COO 06/20/22 Exhibitor
1085 Prochimie International, Inc. CT John Halbmaier Manager, Specialty Chemicals 05/06/22 Attendee
1086 Prochimie International, Inc. CT Anna Malz President 05/06/22 Attendee
1087 Procter and Gamble Chemicals FL Brian Furlong Americas Sales Director 06/01/22 Attendee
1088 Procter and Gamble Chemicals OH Avery Hood Senior Account Executive 05/30/22 Attendee
1089 Prom USA Inc. NJ Kamlesh Gaglani VP of Technology 06/20/22 Attendee
1090 Prom USA, Inc RI Bernard Franc Vice President 04/12/22 Attendee
1091 Prom USA, Inc RI Claus Prom CEO 04/12/22 Attendee
1092 Prosyntis France Alain Bernard Business Director 06/02/22 Attendee
1093 Provivi CA Richard Pederson VP Chemistry 06/14/22 Attendee
1094 Provivi.com CA Lei Jin Manager - AI Manufacturing 06/15/22 Attendee
1095 ProxChem America NH Michael Leclaire Business Development Manager 05/24/22 Attendee
1096 Pulcra Chemicals SC Lynn Monteith Purchasing Specialist 03/30/22 Attendee
1097 Pulcra Chemicals LLC SC James Canavaciol INSIDE SALES & TRANSPORTATION COORD 06/14/22 Attendee
1098 Puragen Activated Carbons TX David Rogers Sales Manager 05/12/22 Attendee
1099 QProducts & Services IL Tom Larocca Account Manager 03/29/22 Exhibitor
1100 QProducts & Services IL Jim ODonnell Director, Chem & Pharma 03/29/22 Exhibitor
1101 QSimulate MA Trevor Barsamian Director of Business Development 06/14/22 Attendee
1102 QV Chemicals, LLC WA Ajit Shah Vice President Business Development 04/01/22 Exhibitor
1103 QV Chemicals, LLC SC Jeffrey Slocum Business Development 04/01/22 Exhibitor
1104 R.E. Carroll Inc. NJ David Carroll Vice President 05/10/22 Attendee
1105 Radchem Products, Inc. IL Amy Krueger Regional Sales Manager 05/06/22 Attendee
1106 Radchem Products, Inc. IL William Radostits President & COO 05/06/22 Attendee
1107 Radchem Products, Inc. IL Christopher Widup Executive Director of Sales 05/06/22 Attendee
1108 Raybow USA, Inc. NC Fazal Chaudhry Director of Business Development 05/10/22 Exhibitor
1109 Raybow USA, Inc. NC Roger Frisbee Co-President 05/10/22 Exhibitor
1110 RE Carroll, Inc TN Dave Weaver International Supply 05/23/22 Attendee
1111 Reagent Chemical TN Wesley Smith Director of Strategy/SE Sales 05/16/22 Attendee
1112 Reagent Chemical GA Greg Thrash SE Sales Manager 05/16/22 Attendee
1113 Red River Specialties LA Bob Lewis Technical Sales Rep 05/10/22 Attendee
1114 Reliance Label Solutions KS Jim Garvic Director of Business Development 04/01/22 Exhibitor
1115 Reliance Label Solutions KS John OConnor Business Development Manager 04/01/22 Exhibitor
1116 Reliance Label Solutions KS James Pfaff Business Development Manager 04/01/22 Exhibitor
1117 Reliance Label Solutions KS Monica Rodriguez Business Development Manager 04/01/22 Exhibitor
1118 Renuvix, LLC SC LARRY GOLDSTEIN President 05/09/22 Attendee
1119 REO Processing WV Rebecca Polan CEO 06/02/22 Exhibitor
1120 REO Processing, Inc. WV Gregg Frazier President 06/02/22 Exhibitor
1121 REO Processing, Inc. WV Shannon Jackson Customer Service Manager 06/02/22 Exhibitor
1122 Rhewum America Inc FL Rodolfo Wolniewitz Managing Director 04/07/22 Attendee
1123 Ricca Chemical Company TX Paul Hurley VP Sales & Marketing 11/11/21 Exhibitor
1124 Ricca Chemical Company TX Katie Romano Marketing Manager 11/11/21 Exhibitor
1125 Richman Chemical Inc. PA Rich Jasinski Sr. Proj. Manager, Custom Mfg. 04/01/22 Attendee
1126 Richman Chemical Inc. PA Christopher Kulp Chief Commercial Officer 04/01/22 Attendee
1127 Richman Chemical Inc. PA Brian Watson Manager, Toll Manufacturing Service 04/01/22 Attendee
1128 Rieke Metals LLC NE Shannon Bellino Director of Sales & Marketing 06/22/22 Attendee
1129 Rierden Chemical & Trading IL Jonathan Rierden Vice President 03/30/22 Attendee
1130 Rierden Chemical & Trading IL Joe Rierden President 03/30/22 Attendee
1131 Rikutec America MA Edward Mccarty Head of Sales 04/05/22 Exhibitor
1132 RIKUTEC America, Inc. MA Andreas Amberg President 06/02/22 Exhibitor
1133 RIKUTEC America, Inc. MA Philipp Jaeger Engineer 06/02/22 Attendee
1134 RIKUTEC Germany Germany Pascal Dielmann Marketing & Sales Support 06/02/22 Attendee
1135 Rinchem Company PA Joe Catalano Global Sales Manager 03/28/22 Attendee
1136 Rinchem Company Inc NM James Hawkins Business Development Manager 04/15/22 Attendee
1137 Rinchem Company Inc NM James Norwood Business Development Manager 04/15/22 Attendee
1138 Rinchem Company Inc NM Mark Sutton Director of Business Development 06/01/22 Attendee
1139 Ring Specialty Chemicals Inc. Canada Harry Zhang Manager 06/06/22 Attendee
1140 Riverland Trading SC Derek Lambdin Managing Partner 05/24/22 Attendee
1141 Rock Chemicals Inc. PA Sarah Fullwood Vendor Relations Manager 04/13/22 Attendee
1142 Rockwell Automation TX John de Guzman Strategic Business Development Mana 06/01/22 Exhibitor
1143 Rockwell Automation SC Tonya Urashima Field Marketing Specialist 06/16/22 Exhibitor
1144 Roquette America, Inc IL Chad Hatten Head of Tech Service 06/09/22 Attendee
1145 Rousselet-Robatel MA Rob Driscoll Senior Application Engineer 06/03/22 Exhibitor
1146 Rousselet-Robatel MA Roger Morin Application Engineering 02/16/22 Exhibitor
1147 Row2 Technologies Inc. NJ Anand Ramakrishnan Vice President - Sales 05/29/22 Attendee
1148 Royal Chemical OH Paul Filchock Senior Account Manager 03/28/22 Exhibitor
1149 Royal Chemical OH Nick LaMagna VP of Sales 03/28/22 Exhibitor
1150 Royal Chemical OH Gayle Mitalski Director of Digital Marketing and K 05/16/22 Exhibitor
1151 Royal Society of Chemistry PA Peter Hranjec Senior Sales Executive 04/08/22 Exhibitor
1152 Royale Group NJ Jeff Watson Sales Director 06/21/22 Attendee
1153 Royce Global NJ Peter Daood Sales & Marketing Manager 06/02/22 Attendee
1154 Rugged Telemetry PA Jason Carabetta CEO 06/16/22 Exhibitor
1155 Rugged Telemetry PA Troy Edwards CTO 06/16/22 Exhibitor
1156 Rugged Telemetry KY Brian Hester VP of Sales 06/16/22 Exhibitor
1157 Ryder Integrated Logistics KY Adam Campbell Director, Business Development 05/16/22 Attendee
1158 Ryder Integrated Logistics WI Travis Steffen Director Business Development 05/16/22 Attendee
1159 Ryte Products TX David Giffin Sales Manager 06/03/22 Attendee
1160 SABEU MI Jennifer Hughes Head of sales/Ops, the Americas 06/06/22 Attendee
1161 Sabin Metal Corporation NY Dan Fisher Sales Manager 02/23/22 Attendee
1162 Sachem, Inc. TX Nick Ge Global Procurement Manager 06/06/22 Attendee
1163 Safe Foods Corp. AR Todd Coleman Director - R&D 03/18/22 Exhibitor
1164 Saint-Gobain TN Scott Holm Business Development Manager 05/03/22 Attendee
1165 Saltigo GmbH Germany Robeobrt Bloodworth Head of Sourcing and Strategic Busi 03/23/22 Exhibitor
1166 Saltigo GmbH Germany Christoph Schaffrath Head of Marketing & Sales 03/22/22 Exhibitor
1167 Sanyo Chemical America Inc. PA RYUSUKE WATANABE R&D manager 06/20/22 Attendee
1168 Sanyo Chemical America Incorporated PA Jason Plymire Assistant General Manager 06/20/22 Attendee
1169 Sasol (USA) Corporation TX Terence Gilmore Distribution Specialist 06/22/22 Attendee
1170 Schirm GMBH Germany TX Trevor Roberts Chief Executive Officer 06/17/22 Attendee
1171 Schirm USA TX Christi Campbell Chief Financial Officer 06/17/22 Attendee
1172 Schirm USA TX Alyssa Goodwin Laboratory Manager 06/17/22 Attendee
1173 SCHIRM USA TX CHAD KERN Chief Executive Officer 06/20/22 Exhibitor
1174 SCHIRM USA TX REBECCA RODGERS Interim DOM 06/20/22 Exhibitor
1175 Schirm USA TX Luis Vazquez Interim Master Schedular/Purchaser 06/17/22 Attendee
1176 Schuetz Container Systems NJ Dan Dengler Sales Manager 03/23/22 Exhibitor
1177 Schuetz Container Systems NJ Deborah Kirkland VP Sales & Marketing 03/23/22 Exhibitor
1178 Schuetz Container Systems NJ John Millard Sales Manager 03/23/22 Exhibitor
1179 Schwartz Chemical Corporation Canada Terry Butryn President 06/03/22 Attendee
1180 SCT GA Jack Drawdy Vice President of Sales 06/08/22 Attendee
1181 SCT GA Jason Marti Vice President 05/17/22 Attendee
1182 SCT GA Frank Wagner VP Business Development 04/06/22 Attendee
1183 SCT GA Cameron Whaley President 05/19/22 Attendee
1184 Seacole Specialty Chemical MN Gregg Elliott President / CEO 06/03/22 Exhibitor
1185 Seacole Specialty Chemical MN Steve Hitchcock VP Sales & Marketing 06/03/22 Exhibitor
1186 Sea-Land Chemical Company - Westlak AZ John Kivi Business Development Manager 05/16/22 Attendee
1187 Sealed AirCorporation NC Scott Lambert Executive Director 06/17/22 Attendee
1188 Seatex TX Eric Eby Business Development 06/20/22 Attendee
1189 Seatex TX Tony Jones VP Business Development 06/01/22 Attendee
1190 SEATEX, LLC TX Jonathan ODwyer President 04/25/22 Exhibitor
1191 SEATEX, LLC TX Amanda Sutton Director - Business Development 04/25/22 Exhibitor
1192 Sefar Inc NY Kevin Pender Regional Sales Manager 04/20/22 Exhibitor
1193 Sefar Inc NY Brandon Torrance Territory Manager 04/20/22 Exhibitor
1194 Sefar Inc NY Brad Zeigler Sr. Territory Manager 04/20/22 Exhibitor
1195 Sensient Colors, LLC MO Chad Stafford Account Manager 03/30/22 Attendee
1196 SePRO Corporation NC Billl Whitford Vice President of Operations 06/03/22 Attendee
1197 Seqens Chemical Specialties United Kingdom Brian Tarbit Business Development Director 11/10/21 Exhibitor
1198 SGS North America Inc TX Christian Cooper Director-Business Development 06/14/22 Attendee
1199 SGS North America, Inc LA Racheal Oubre Business Development 06/01/22 Attendee
1200 Shamrock Technologies SC Chris Moseley General Manager Specialty Chemicals 04/15/22 Attendee
1201 Sharda Cropchem, Ltd PA Sharon Gunning Director of Supply Chain 06/20/22 Attendee
1202 Sharda Cropchem, Ltd India Sandeep Lahra Purchasing Manager 06/20/22 Attendee
1203 Sharda Cropchem, Ltd PA Adolfo Quitian Sales Consultant 06/20/22 Attendee
1204 SharpTech USA VA John Sharpley President 04/20/22 Attendee
1205 Show Me Ethanol MO Ryan King Alcohol Sales Director 06/03/22 Attendee
1206 SI Group Inc NY Myles Cramer Sr. Manager - Strategic Sourcing 06/02/22 Attendee
1207 Siemens Industry, Inc. NY Jonas Norinder Digital Transformation Consultant 05/06/22 Attendee
1208 Sigmund Lindner GmbH Germany Darryl Langlois Regional Manager 06/02/22 Exhibitor
1209 Siltech, Inc. Canada Mike Gunther SE Sales 06/22/22 Attendee
1210 Silver Fern Chemical WA Scott Lyons Account Manager 06/02/22 Attendee
1211 Silvicom IL vinnie vasilev Sales 06/03/22 Attendee
1212 Silvicom IL sergio volpe sales 06/03/22 Attendee
1213 Sinova Specialties Inc. NC Johannes Heckmann Business Development 06/06/22 Exhibitor
1214 Site One GA Kevin Laycock Director, Category Management 06/03/22 Attendee
1215 Site One SC Cordie Morgan Director, Category Management 06/03/22 Attendee
1216 SIXTWENTYONE LLC WI Dan Abrahms Mfrs Rep-ContainersPkgServices 06/11/22 Attendee
1217 SkyBitz VA Greg King Regional Sales Director 06/03/22 Exhibitor
1218 SkyBitz VA Colten Turner Regional Sales Director 06/03/22 Exhibitor
1219 SMC GLOBAL NY MICHAEL NORWOOD Distribution Sales Manager 06/09/22 Attendee
1220 SMC Global NY Stephen Schmidt Global Business Director 06/02/22 Attendee
1221 SOCMA VA Jennifer Abril President & CEO 06/03/22 Exhibitor
1222 SOCMA VA Joe Dettinger Sr. Director, Technical & Safety 06/03/22 Exhibitor
1223 SOCMA VA Jenny Gaines Sr. Director, Membership 06/03/22 Exhibitor
1224 SOCMA VA Vera Stoeva CFO 06/03/22 Exhibitor
1225 SOCMA VA Genevieve Strand Manager, Government Relations 06/03/22 Exhibitor
1226 SOCMA VA Amber Thichangthong Director, Programs & Ops 06/03/22 Exhibitor
1227 Sofix LLC TN Paul Cahill President 03/31/22 Exhibitor
1228 Sofix LLC TN David Ormaza Production Chemist 03/31/22 Exhibitor
1229 Sofix LLC TN Anthony Paolucci Vice President of Operations 03/31/22 Exhibitor
1230 Sofix LLC TN Sean Reynolds EHS Manager 03/31/22 Exhibitor
1231 Solenis TN Daniel Main Tolling Manager 06/08/22 Attendee
1232 Solenis LLC DE Kavan Desai Global Sourcing, Direct Material 05/31/22 Attendee
1233 Solenis LLC GA Ted Viands Sr. Director Global Sourcing 06/08/22 Attendee
1234 Solera Source Dynamics LLC AZ Mana Hoskins Purchasing 04/01/22 Attendee
1235 Soltex, Inc. TX David Collins Manager - Business Development 06/03/22 Attendee
1236 Solugen TX Andrew Mordh Director Of Sales 06/14/22 Attendee
1237 Solugen Blending LLC TX Luke Irwin Director of Sourcing 06/16/22 Attendee
1238 Solugen Inc TX Anthony Duesterhaus Sr Agriculture Sales Executive 01/12/22 Attendee
1239 Solutions Contract Packaging TX Jon Breedlove COO 06/01/22 Attendee
1240 Solutions Contract Packaging TX Zach Colander CEO 06/01/22 Attendee
1241 Solutions Contract Packaging TX Keith McCoy President 06/01/22 Attendee
1242 SOLVAY France Nicolas Taillardat GLOBAL BUSINESS DIRECTO 04/27/22 Attendee
1243 Solvay USA NJ Dominick Cangiano Market Development Manager 03/29/22 Attendee
1244 Solvay USA NJ William Lombardi Procurement Manager 03/11/22 Attendee
1245 Solvay USA NJ Troy Palmer Reg Market Dir, AGRO NA 06/08/22 Attendee
1246 Solvay USA NJ Crystal Parker Key Account Mgr 02/23/22 Attendee
1247 Solvay USA GA Edward Santiago Sr Buyer - Contract Manufacturing 03/31/22 Attendee
1248 Solvay USA NJ Krish Shanmuga Bus Dev Mgr, NA 05/06/22 Attendee
1249 Solvay USA GA Joseph Vogt NA Toll Manufacturing Manager 03/11/22 Attendee
1250 SolvChem, Inc TX Anthony Pletka Director of Custom Packaging 06/16/22 Attendee
1251 Sound Agriculture CA Fred Koerwitz Director - Manufacturing & Supply 04/25/22 Attendee
1252 Sound Agriculture NC John Riley VP of Manufacturing and Supply 05/03/22 Attendee
1255 South Coast Terminals LLC TX Will Baker Business Director 06/01/22 Attendee
1256 Southeastern Construction & Mainten FL James Green Business Development Manager 06/02/22 Attendee
1257 Southern Fasteners & Supply Inc NC Paula Holder Business Development 10/30/21 Exhibitor
1258 Southern Fasteners & Supply Inc NC John Holder Business Development 10/30/21 Exhibitor
1259 Speciality Chemicals Magazine NC Gregory Morris North American Editor 06/02/22 Exhibitor
1260 STAG C.P. TX Guy Smith Business Development Manager 05/17/22 Attendee
1261 StarChem LLC SC Brandon Sewell Business Dev. & Marketing Associate 05/03/22 Exhibitor
1262 Starchem SA Honduras William Kattan General Manager 04/06/22 Attendee
1263 Starchem SA Honduras Cristhian Mendez Technical and Sales Manager 04/06/22 Attendee
1264 Starchem USA FL Ricardo Miyares Head Astronaut 06/14/22 Attendee
1265 State Contract Manufacturing OH Ashley Graham Contract Manufacturing Manager 06/04/22 Exhibitor
1266 State Contract Manufacturing OH Rebecca Korwin VP Of Contract Manufacturing 06/04/22 Exhibitor
1267 Stellar Manufacturing MO Ben Wodicker Vice President of Operations 06/01/22 Attendee
1268 Stepan Company NC Julie Cava Sales Rep 05/16/22 Attendee
1269 Stepan Company IL Brian Frank Global Sales Director Agriculture 06/09/22 Attendee
1270 Stepan Company IL Jayson Goodner Sales Manager 04/01/22 Attendee
1271 Stepan Company IL Laura Olson Business Manager - Agriculture 06/09/22 Attendee
1272 Stepan Company IL Scott Picker Account Executive 06/03/22 Attendee
1273 Stepan Company IL James Sawyer Global Business Development 06/14/22 Attendee
1274 Stepan Company SC Ed Shelton Account Executive 03/16/22 Attendee
1275 Steri Technologies NY Garrett Bergquist Director - Sales & Business Dev. 06/01/22 Exhibitor
1276 Steri Technologies NY James Clark Sales Engineer 06/01/22 Exhibitor
1277 Stoller USA TX Hoomin Bahrami Niya Lead Chemist 06/16/22 Attendee
1278 Stoller USA TX Carlos Chavez Production Manager 04/26/22 Attendee
1279 Stoller USA TX Cameron Milton Supply Chain Manager 04/20/22 Attendee
1280 Stoller USA TX Nathaniel Rapp Plant Manager 04/26/22 Attendee
1281 Stoller USA TX Jeff Shaw Purchasing Specialist 04/20/22 Attendee
1282 Stoller USA TX Ritesh Sheth Vice President 05/17/22 Attendee
1283 Suez WTS Belgium Nele Blanckaert Process Chemistry and Tolling 05/02/22 Attendee
1284 Suez WTS PA Jeff Castor Principal Engineer 05/05/22 Attendee
1285 Sulzer Chemtech TX Erik Wielang Regional Sales Manager 03/30/22 Attendee
1286 Sulzer Chemtech Ltd Switzerland Ilaria De Puri Sales Engineer 04/12/22 Attendee
1287 Summit Agro USA, LLC NC Kim Poplin Operations Finance Manager 03/31/22 Attendee
1288 Sun Chemical IN Mark Dugan Toll Operations Manager Americas 03/29/22 Attendee
1289 Sun Chemical NC Robin Neal Spouse 06/03/22 Attendee
1290 Sun Chemical NC Allan Neal Key Acct Mgr & Dir Agency Sales-USA 06/03/22 Attendee
1291 Sun Chemical OH Jean Yoho Head of Procurement 06/15/22 Attendee
1292 SUNTTON / DYNAMIC NA INC CT Luke Verdet Business Director 12/13/21 Exhibitor
1293 Superior Industrial Solutions SC Jayson Blanton General Manager 03/29/22 Exhibitor
1294 Superior Industrial Solutions TN Scott Bridges Chemicals Business Manager 03/29/22 Exhibitor
1295 Superior Industrial Solutions IN Shane Cline Vice President 03/29/22 Exhibitor
1296 Surry Chemicals, Inc. NC Larry Lichvar Director of Labratory Services 06/06/22 Attendee
1297 Surry Chemicals, Inc. NC William Sheppard President 06/06/22 Attendee
1298 Surry Chemicals, Inc. NC Peter Sheppard Vice President 06/06/22 Attendee
1299 Surry Chemicals, Inc. NC Paul Stroup Director of Sales and Marketing 06/06/22 Attendee
1300 Swan Chemical Inc. NJ Ray Fahmy President 03/17/22 Exhibitor
1301 Swift Economics LLC NC Kevin Swift Managing Director 04/06/22 Attendee
1302 Synalloy Chemicals TN Chris Hutter CEO 06/07/22 Attendee
1303 Synalloy Chemicals TN Ben Rosenzweig Chairman 06/07/22 Attendee
1304 Synalloy Chemicals TN Kaushik Vashee VP of New Process Devlopment 10/21/21 Exhibitor
1305 Synalloy Chemicals TN John Zuppo Executive VP 10/21/21 Exhibitor
1306 Syngenta Crop Protection NC William Baughman Tolling Production Manager 05/10/22 Attendee
1307 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Colton Baughman Procurement Manager 11/29/21 Attendee
1308 Syngenta Crop Protection Canada Thomas Birch FF&P Manager - Canada 05/15/22 Attendee
1309 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Joy Callaway Procurement Analyst 05/04/22 Attendee
1310 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Julian Gregory Procurement Manager Packaging 04/28/22 Attendee
1311 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Scott Harding Head Direct Procurement - NA 04/01/22 Attendee
1312 Syngenta Crop Protection NC William Hicks Procurement Manager - Packaging 06/01/22 Attendee
1313 Syngenta Crop Protection NC William Hicks Strategic Category Manager 11/16/21 Attendee
1314 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Jennifer Lambert Procurement Manager 11/16/21 Attendee
1315 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Jennifer Lindley Procurement Manager - Co-Formulants 11/16/21 Attendee
1316 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Benny Martin NA Procurement Team Lead 03/31/22 Attendee
1317 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Thomas Medlin Toll Production Manager 05/16/22 Attendee
1318 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Nash Musselwhite Team Lead Packaging Procurement 06/10/22 Attendee
1319 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Andrew Nield Asset Strategy Manager, NA 05/02/22 Attendee
1320 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Katie Oshige Formulation Engineering Team Leader 06/01/22 Attendee
1321 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Heather Pawlicki FF&P Siting Manager, NA 05/02/22 Attendee
1322 Syngenta Crop Protection NE Collin Roessner Tolling Production Manager 06/01/22 Attendee
1323 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Deirdre Smith Procurement Manager 11/16/21 Attendee
1324 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Felisha Vestal NA Tolling Manager 05/10/22 Attendee
1325 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Adam Voisard Tolling Production Manager Lead 05/09/22 Attendee
1326 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Bryan Weiss Tolling Production Manager 05/17/22 Attendee
1327 SynQuest Laboratories FL Paul Mazzell Chief Operating Officer 05/31/22 Attendee
1328 Synquest Labs FL Frank Waters President, CEO 06/08/22 Attendee
1329 Syntha Group NC Cres Calabrese Vice Chairman / CSO 01/28/22 Attendee
1330 Syntha Group TN Frederick Wilson CEO 01/06/22 Attendee
1331 Teadit TX James Hicks Regional Sales Manager 03/18/22 Attendee
1332 Teckrez, Inc. FL Marc Jackson President 06/08/22 Attendee
1333 Teckrez, Inc. FL Ann Tiefenthaler Business Generalist and HR Manager 06/08/22 Attendee
1334 Tedia Company, Inc. OH Andrew Good North American Sales Manager 06/01/22 Attendee
1335 Tedia Company, Inc. OH Jennifer Herber Key Account Manager 06/01/22 Attendee
1336 TensTech Inc NC Thomas Theyson Technical Director 03/29/22 Attendee
1337 Tetramer SC Scott Hunter VP of Business Development 05/26/22 Attendee
1338 Texas Molecular, LLC TX Jimmy Bracher President 03/17/22 Exhibitor
1339 Texas Molecular, LLC TX Lisa Brown Account Manager 03/17/22 Exhibitor
1340 Texas Molecular, LLC TX Stephen Franklin National Account Manager 03/17/22 Exhibitor
1341 Texas Molecular, LLC TX Theresa Garrett Account Manager 03/17/22 Exhibitor
1342 Texas Molecular, LLC TX Chris Lobue CEO 03/17/22 Attendee
1343 Texas Molecular, LLC TX Frank Marine Marketing and Communications Consul 03/17/22 Exhibitor
1344 Thames River Chemical Canada Robert Ferrell Corporate Account Manager 06/20/22 Attendee
1345 Thames river chemical Canada Pier-Olivier Martel sales representative 05/31/22 Attendee
1346 Thames River Chemical ON paul moreau General Manager 05/31/22 Attendee
1347 The Andersons IL Robert Young Territory Manager 06/21/22 Attendee
1348 The Chemical Company RI Steve Friedewald Business Development Manager 05/24/22 Exhibitor
1349 The Chemical Company RI Nicole Greenberg Inside Sales 03/17/22 Exhibitor
1350 The Chemical Company RI Cory Mullins Sales & Product Manager 05/24/22 Exhibitor
1351 The Chemical Company RI AJ Petrarca Vice President of Sales 05/24/22 Exhibitor
1352 The Chemical Company RI Jack Rose Sales 05/24/22 Exhibitor
1353 The Chemical Company RI Ben Sawicki Sales & Marketing 05/24/22 Exhibitor
1354 The ChemQuest Group OH Joseph Miglionico Director 05/25/22 Attendee
1355 The Elm Press, Inc. CT Roger Gray Sales Representative 06/02/22 Exhibitor
1356 The Elm Press, Inc. CT Victor Losure President 06/02/22 Exhibitor
1357 The Lewis Chemical Company GA Ballard Betz President/CEO 03/14/22 Attendee
1358 The Lewis Chemical Company GA Megan Glenn Purchasing Manager 06/21/22 Attendee
1359 The Lewis Chemical Company GA Holly King VP of Research & Development 05/02/22 Attendee
1360 The Lewis Chemical Company GA Kevin King V.P. Sales and Marketing 03/14/22 Attendee
1361 The Logistix Co RI Joe Hassenfratz Sales 05/24/22 Attendee
1362 The Meadows Group TX Jeff Sadler Business Development 04/05/22 Attendee
1363 The Shepherd Chemical Company OH Christopher Shaper International Account Manager 06/02/22 Attendee
1364 The Tank Tiger NJ Ernie Barsamian CEO & Principal 04/26/22 Attendee
1365 The Tank Tiger, LLC NJ Jeanine Hearne-Barsamian Marketing Coordinator 04/26/22 Attendee
1366 Thermo Fisher Scientific NJ Thomas Clark Senior Manager Product Development 06/13/22 Attendee
1367 Thermo Fisher Scientific NC Elvis Rodriguez Sr. Director Global Procurement 06/02/22 Attendee
1368 Thermo Fisher Scientific NJ Eugene Romakin Director, Procurement 06/16/22 Attendee
1369 Third Coast TX HL Barnett Engineer & Reaction Director 02/16/22 Exhibitor
1370 Third Coast TX Grif Carnes Terminals Sales Director 02/16/22 Exhibitor
1371 Third Coast TX Robert Chapa Account Manager 02/16/22 Exhibitor
1372 Third Coast TX Frederick Smith Reaction Business Dev. & Tech Mgr 05/06/22 Attendee
1373 Third Coast Bank TX Bill Bobbora Chief Banking Officer 05/24/22 Attendee
1374 Third Coast Bank TX Trey Romero SVP 06/22/22 Attendee
1375 Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. OH Jeffery DeWerth Director of Sales - N. America 06/06/22 Exhibitor
1376 Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. United Kingdom Thomas Porter Commercial Director Custom Mfg. 02/18/22 Exhibitor
1377 Tiarco Chemical, LLC GA Gary Collette NA Grease & Lubricant Manager 03/22/22 Exhibitor
1378 Tiarco Chemical, LLC NC Greg Mecimore Regional Sales Manager 03/22/22 Exhibitor
1379 Tiarco Chemical, LLC GA Mark Sellers Global Sales and Marketing Director 03/22/22 Exhibitor
1383 Timberline Chemical FL Nick DeBruyne Business Development Manager 06/16/22 Attendee
1384 Timberline Chemical FL Les Harold Vice President 06/16/22 Attendee
1385 Timberline Chemical FL Sean Stepanoff Owner 06/16/22 Attendee
1386 TMC Industries, Inc. MN Nick Hansen General Manager 05/10/22 Attendee
1387 Toray International America NY James Smith Sales Manager 04/29/22 Exhibitor
1388 Toray International America NY Angelica Vargas Account Executive 04/29/22 Exhibitor
1389 Toray International America NY Angelica Vargas Account Executive 04/29/22 Exhibitor
1390 Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA CO Teresa Frontczak Tolling Manager 01/14/22 Attendee
1391 TrackAbout GA Anita Lustig Director of Global Sales 05/13/22 Attendee
1392 Tradebe KY Patrick Botner Sales Specialist 06/22/22 Attendee
1393 Tradebe Environmental Services IN Neil Manny Director, Recycling Services 06/17/22 Attendee
1394 Transcourt Tank Leasing TX Connor Lilley Director Business Development US 05/23/22 Attendee
1395 Treadstone Advisors IN Patrick Killian Owner 05/11/22 Attendee
1396 Trecora Chemical TX Larry Birdsell Custom Processing Business Director 05/26/22 Exhibitor
1397 Trecora Chemical TX Idorenyin Luke Lead Process Engineer 05/23/22 Exhibitor
1398 Trecora Resources TX Peter Loggenberg Commercial & Sustainability Officer 05/09/22 Exhibitor
1399 Tricor Metals OH Stephen Beaver Outside Sales Manager 06/02/22 Attendee
1400 Trinity Consultants SafeBridge TX Jim Eggenschwiler Principal Consultant 06/13/22 Exhibitor
1401 Trinity Consultants SafeBridge TX Mike Olson Principal Toxicologist 06/13/22 Exhibitor
1402 Trinity Logistics MO Ashley Lindsey Business Development Team Lead 04/07/22 Exhibitor
1403 Trinity Logistics MO Scott Matney Director of Sales 04/07/22 Exhibitor
1404 Trinity Manufacturing NC Larry Oxford VP Sales and Operations Planning 11/29/21 Attendee
1405 Trucent Renewable Chemicals MI Brian Desantis Director 05/10/22 Attendee
1406 Trumont NY Komail Thaver Managing Director 03/25/22 Attendee
1407 TruSteel FL Nathan Radabaugh Business Development 06/15/22 Attendee
1408 Tulstar OK Megan Simer Sales Manager 05/17/22 Attendee
1409 Twin Rivers Technologies MA Carl Odendahl Sales Manager 06/10/22 Attendee
1410 Tychem Llc NC sydnee schloss admin 06/08/22 Attendee
1411 Tychem Llc NC tyler schloss Asst Vice President 06/08/22 Attendee
1412 Umicore PMC USA OK Phillip Chalabi General Manager 03/30/22 Exhibitor
1413 Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry OK Don Zeng Director Business Development 03/25/22 Exhibitor
1414 Uncountable MA Sebastian Weir Senior Sales Development Rep 06/15/22 Attendee
1415 Univar Solutions GA Shannon Ballew Senior Product Manager 06/15/22 Attendee
1416 Univar Solutions TX Amy Brooks Application Development Specialist 03/31/22 Exhibitor
1417 Univar Solutions TX Sara Cirilo Laboratory Manager 03/31/22 Exhibitor
1418 Univar Solutions NC Mike Corcoran Product Manager 06/14/22 Attendee
1419 Univar Solutions TX Alan Dry Manufacturing & Production Manager 03/31/22 Exhibitor
1420 Univar Solutions TX Jason Honrud Branch Operations Supervisor 03/31/22 Exhibitor
1421 Univar Solutions OH John Kelley Director - Oleochemicals 04/20/22 Attendee
1422 Univar Solutions TX William Newsom Marketing Manager 06/14/22 Attendee
1423 Univar Solutions TX Ruben Nieto Application Development Specialist 03/31/22 Exhibitor
1424 Univar Solutions IL Richie Pickens Director, Copack 06/08/22 Attendee
1425 Univar Solutions TN Sherry Pilkinton Sr. Sales Account Manager 04/27/22 Attendee
1426 Univar Solutions NC Jon Pio Sr. Product Manager 04/19/22 Attendee
1428 Univertical LLC IN Bharat Rajghatta Regional Sales Manager 06/18/22 Attendee
1429 UPL NA, Inc. NC RICH DOMBKOWSKI Head of Manufacturing 05/18/22 Attendee
1430 UPL NA, Inc. PA Ryan Fordice Buyer 03/29/22 Attendee
1431 UPL NA, Inc. PA Bill Lester Purchasing Manager, NA 03/28/22 Attendee
1432 UPL NA, Inc. PA Douglas Pastor Buyer 04/08/22 Attendee
1433 USALCO IL Scot Lang VP 06/22/22 Attendee
1434 V & V Pharma Industries IN Digvijay V Ghare Business Development Manager 06/02/22 Attendee
1435 Valent USA LLC CA Vivek Correa Senior Manufacturing Engineer 05/31/22 Attendee
1436 Valent USA, LLC CA Michele Sears Rose Sr. Manager, Purch and Prod Plan 03/25/22 Attendee
1437 VALENTINE CHEMICALS, LLC LA HUGH CAFFERY General Manager 11/04/21 Exhibitor
1438 VALENTINE CHEMICALS, LLC LA Paul Green R & D Chemist 05/13/22 Attendee
1439 VALENTINE CHEMICALS, LLC LA Peter Schrieber VP Technology & Sales 11/03/21 Exhibitor
1440 Valudor Products, LLC FL Elizabeth Alonso Sales Representative 03/24/22 Attendee
1441 Valudor Products, LLC CA Michelle Tung Vice President, Logistics 03/24/22 Attendee
1442 Valudor Products, LLC. CA Rosco Sazdanoff Product Manager, Indust Chemicals 03/26/22 Attendee
1443 VAN HORN METZ PA RANDY BUMGARNER Regional Sales Manager 03/29/22 Attendee
1445 VanDeMark Chemical Inc. NY Jeff Davis President & CEO 06/02/22 Attendee
1446 VanDeMark Chemical Inc. PA John Dobrolsky Sales Manager, North America 05/26/22 Exhibitor
1447 VanDeMark Chemical Inc. NY Larry Grubb VP, Global Sales & Business Develop 05/26/22 Exhibitor
1448 VanDeMark Chemical Inc. NY Chris Klumph Director, New Product & Bus. Dev. 05/04/22 Exhibitor
1449 Vantage Oleochemicals GA Robert Negley Strategic Account Manager 05/17/22 Attendee
1450 Vantage Specialty Chemicals IL Patrick Durney Sales Director 06/06/22 Attendee
1451 VBASE Oil Company SC ben bergmann Operations and logistics 03/21/22 Attendee
1452 VCare Medicines India Suneet Bhutta Manager 04/01/22 Attendee
1453 Veolia ES Technical Solutions OH James Reddy Product Line Manager 03/29/22 Attendee
1454 Verdant Specialty Solutions IL Jeff Edwards Project Director 03/29/22 Attendee
1455 Vertec BioSolvents, Inc. IL Skip Laubach President & COO 06/08/22 Attendee
1456 Vertellus IN Brandt Anton Global Sales Director 05/10/22 Attendee
1457 Vertellus IN Richard Dufreche Sales and Market Development Manage 05/09/22 Attendee
1458 Vertellus IN Nikki Martin Inside Sales Representative 06/22/22 Attendee
1459 Vertellus NJ Jake Park Sr. Manager, Global Procurement 06/21/22 Attendee
1460 Vertellus IN Zachary Sprigler Global Demand and Sales Manager 04/21/22 Attendee
1461 Vertellus IN Bernie Szalkowski Vice President and General Manager 06/20/22 Attendee
1462 Vertellus IN Nina Waranica Global Business Development Manager 05/09/22 Attendee
1463 Viakem S.A. de C.V. Mexico Jose Davila Key Account Manager 05/09/22 Attendee
1464 Viakem S.A. de C.V. Mexico Hugo Hernandez Commercial Manager 05/09/22 Attendee
1465 Viakem S.A. de C.V. Mexico Walter Ruvalcaba Purchasing Manager 05/09/22 Attendee
1467 Vitro Chemicals TX Taylor West US & Canada Sales Manager 06/08/22 Attendee
1468 Vive Crop Protection Canada Amir Shayganfar Production manager 05/03/22 Attendee
1469 VRC Technologies TX Robert Green VP AG Products 04/08/22 Attendee
1470 VRC Technologies, Inc. TX Martin Beirne III President 04/03/22 Attendee
1471 W.K. Hile Co. Inc. NC Kirk Hile Sales Representative 06/19/22 Exhibitor
1472 W.L. GORE & ASSOC. NC John Holcombe Innovation and Business Development 06/01/22 Attendee
1473 W.L. GORE & ASSOC. DE James Mannino New Product Development Engineer 06/09/22 Attendee
1474 W.L. GORE & ASSOC. MD Tracy Simon Engineer 05/12/22 Attendee
1475 W.R. Grace & Co. MD Wallace Bigler Business Director FCMS 04/01/22 Exhibitor
1476 W.R. Grace & Co. MD Nathan Eberhardt R&D Scientist 03/29/22 Attendee
1477 W.R. Grace & Co. NJ George Gonzalez Sr. Marketing Manager 04/01/22 Exhibitor
1478 W.R. Grace & Co. MD Alex Gornick Chemical Engineer 06/15/22 Exhibitor
1479 W.R. Grace & Co. MD Gary Hess Strategic Account Manager 05/09/22 Exhibitor
1480 W.R. Grace & Co. MD Adam Nomer Sales Representative 05/09/22 Exhibitor
1481 Washing Systems OH Justin Hanks VP Operations 05/19/22 Attendee
1482 Washing Systems LLC OH JOHN KODURU Director of Q-HSE 05/23/22 Attendee
1483 Webb Chemical MI John Hill Sales Manager 03/03/22 Attendee
1484 Webb Chemical MI Kari Maciag Account Manager 03/03/22 Attendee
1485 Webb Chemical Services MI Clyde Rittel Procurement Manager 04/07/22 Attendee
1486 Wego Chemical Group NY Collin Bremer Regional Account Manager - Southeas 03/22/22 Exhibitor
1487 Wego Chemical Group NY Kimberly Morgan Global Product Manager 03/22/22 Exhibitor
1488 Wego Chemical Group NY Jesse Rabaglia Northeast Sales Rep. 03/22/22 Exhibitor
1489 Wego Chemical Group NY Roger Weaving Senior Advisor 06/01/22 Exhibitor
1490 West Virginia Development Office WV Samantha Smith Manager 06/03/22 Exhibitor
1491 Western States Machine Company OH Edward Dunsmuir Sales Consultant, Chem/Pharma 06/13/22 Exhibitor
1492 Western States Machine Company OH Angel Proano Director of Sales and Marketing 06/13/22 Exhibitor
1493 Western States Machine Company OH Colin Sinnard Botanical Division Sales manager 06/13/22 Exhibitor
1494 WeylChem US SC Kevin Drost VP, Technology 03/29/22 Attendee
1495 WeylChem Us SC Duane Harris VP, Operations & Engineering 06/06/22 Attendee
1496 WeylChem US SC Lesley Jones Customer Service 03/29/22 Exhibitor
1497 WeylChem US SC Mike Junkins New Business Development Director 05/31/22 Attendee
1498 WeylChem US SC Erika Krueger VP, Supply Chain and Sustainability 05/04/22 Attendee
1499 WeylChem US SC Mark Matheny CEO 03/29/22 Attendee
1500 WeylChem US SC Diane Medwid Director, New Business Development 04/27/22 Attendee
1501 WeylChem US SC Allen Reihman VP Marketing and Commercial Develop 03/29/22 Attendee
1502 WeylChem US SC Cameron Young Sales and New Business Development 03/29/22 Exhibitor
1503 Whitaker Chemicals SC Richard Steele Sales 03/31/22 Attendee
1504 Whitaker oil GA Bryan Reski Account manger 05/11/22 Attendee
1505 Whitaker Oil Company SC Alexis Davis Sales Manager- Spartanburg 03/31/22 Attendee
1506 Wiley Companies OH Todd Johnson CEO, Wiley Innovations 12/27/21 Attendee
1507 Wiley Companies OH Susan Palus Director of Fine Chemicals 12/27/21 Attendee
1508 Willowood Chemicals Ltd India Abhay Shah DGM - International Business 05/24/22 Attendee
1509 Willowood Ltd Hong Kong Shree Mundhra Director 05/24/22 Attendee
1510 Wilmar Oleochemicals North America TX Xanic Cortez Specialty Business Portfolio Manage 06/17/22 Attendee
1511 Wilson Industrial Sales IN Douglas Deno Vice President of Ag Nutrients 03/14/22 Attendee
1512 Wilson Industrial Sales IN Zach Goldsberry Industrial Sales Manager 03/23/22 Attendee
1513 Wilson Industrial Sales IN Keegan Wilson President 03/11/22 Attendee
1514 World Metal LLC TX Bruce Burniece Business Manager 05/06/22 Attendee
1515 Zschimmer & Schwarz Inc. GA Anthony Martinez Sales Manager - Industrial 04/11/22 Attendee

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