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Company State First Name Last Name Job Title
1 NACD VA Jenni Jenkins Membership Manager
2 NACD VA Roselle Foley Senior Director, Business Developme
3 Nachurs Alpine Solutions OH Paul Williams Business Manager
4 Nachurs Alpine Solutions OH Jeff Barnes CEO
5 Nation Ford Chemical Company SC Brooke DiDomenico Technical Manager
6 Nation Ford Chemical Company SC Jay Dickson President
7 Nation Ford Chemical Company SC Phillip McCarter Vice President
8 Nation Ford Chemical Company SC James Hubbard Plant Manager
9 Net at Work NY Anne Sliney Chem at Work, Specialist
10 Net at Work NY Jack Power Chem at Work, Solution Engineer
11 Neuchem SC Brian Bundy Business Development Manager
12 New UPL ON Alex Zorzitto Category Analyst
13 Niacet Corporation NY Richard Alleger Account Manager
14 Nouryon IL Jim Long Global Key Account Manager
15 Nouryon IL Joseph Drew Strategic Business Manager
16 Nouryon IL Vanessa Xu Marketing Manager
17 Nouryon IL John Sellers Regional Sales Manager
18 Nouryon IL Jon Staley Global Marketing Director
19 Nouryon IL Karin Bergstrom Global Technical Marketing Manager
20 Nouryon IL Jim Chege Account Manager

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