2019 Networking Portal

2019 Portal

Kodak Networking Portal

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2019 Networking Portal Attendees (to date)

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Company State First Name Last Name Job Title
261 Equipment Xchange NJ Jon Tarzy SALES
262 ESIM Chemicals Sabine Hoetzendorfer Marketing
263 ESIM Chemicals Robert Lichtenberger Business Manager IM
264 ESIM Chemicals Ina Graggaber Business Manager ES
265 ESIM Chemicals Hans Hiebl Innovation Manager
266 Essential Polymers WI Fred Worrell President
267 Essential Polymers WI Jay Shaffer VP Research & Development
268 Essential Polymers WI Dave Winkelman Director of Manufacturing
269 Ethox Chemicals SC Charles Hinton President
270 Ethox Chemicals SC William Davis Technical Account Manager
271 Ethox Chemicals SC Frederick Wilson CEO
272 Ethox Chemicals SC Charles Palmer VP, Technical
273 Evans, Witt and Partner LLC NC Christopher Evans Managing Partner
274 ExxonMobil Chemical Company NJ NJ Steven Cassaniti Strategic Account Lead
275 ExxonMobil Chemical Company NJ NJ Carla Robillard Fluids Account Representative
276 ExxonMobil Chemical Company NJ NJ Vaseem Firdaus Global Tolling Manager
277 ExxonMobil Chemical Company TX TX Andrew Stephens Global Market Development Advisor
278 Fanwood Chemical NJ Jim DeLisi President
279 FAR Chemical FL Joe Beatty VP Commercial & Technical
280 FCI Technology NC Richard Barnhardt Vice President & General Manager

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