2019 Networking Portal

2019 Portal

Kodak Networking Portal

Users will need to be registered for the 2019 show and logged in to the portal in order to network with other attendees.

2019 Networking Portal Attendees (to date)

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Company State First Name Last Name Job Title
61 Biddle Sawyer Corp. NY Anthony Nigro Director of BD
62 Boaz Partners, LLC GA Weslee Washington Managing Director
63 Boaz Partners, LLC GA John Kehoe Sr. Search Executive
64 Boerger, LLC MN Gerald DaBoub Regional Sales Manager
65 BPS, Inc. AR Larry Byrd Business Development Manager
66 Bulk Chemical Services GA Melissa McWilliams Product Manager
67 Bulk Chemical Services GA Seth Spurlock President
68 Bulk Chemical Services GA Harry Colley Director of Sales & Marketing
69 Bulk Chemical Services GA Jonathan Denis Operations Manager
70 Business Development Counsel SC Larry McCoy President
71 Buss ChemTech AG Thomas Blocher Business Manager
72 Buss ChemTech AG Nereo Rodriguez Sales Manager
73 Capital Resin Corporation OH James Bull President
74 Capital Resin Corporation OH Mark Morehart Business Development
75 Capital Resin Corporation OH Michael Yingling Business Development Manager
76 Capital Resin Corporation OH Michael Denney Business Manager
77 Carrngton NC Will Johns VP
78 CAS OH Dana Bettineschi Business Development Manager
79 CAS OH Whitney Berrien Business Development Manager
80 CAS OH Pete Samijlenko Sr. Product Engineer

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