2018 Networking Portal

2018 Portal

Kodak Networking Portal

Users will need to be registered for the 2018 show and logged in to the portal in order to network with other attendees.

2018 Networking Portal Attendees (to date)

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Company State First Name Last Name Job Title
61 AllChem Industries TN Jim Wakim Southeast Sales Manager
62 Altiras TX Todd Pencarinha President
63 ALTIVIA TX Chuck kreutzberger Commercial Develpment Manager
64 ALTIVIA TX John Tharp Purchasing Manager
65 ALTIVIA TX David Pearson Business Director
66 ALTIVIA TX Louis Huey COO
67 Altria Group Inc VA Wancheng Zhao
68 AlzChem Trostberg GmbH GA Georg Weichselbaumer VP Chemistry &Building Blocks
69 AlzChem Trostberg GmbH GA Juergen Sans VP Innovation Mgt.
70 AlzChem, LLC GA Alan Mick CEO
71 AMD Advisors, LLC VA A. Michael Deruosi CEO
72 American Chemistry Council DC Kevin Swift Chief Economist & Managing Director
73 American Custom Drying NJ Adam Cabot CEO
74 American Custom Drying NJ Bob Slade Vice President
75 American Distillation Inc NC Barry White Plant Manager
76 American Distillation Inc NC Bob Schory Chemist
77 American International Container (AIC) NJ Nicholas Glum Sales
78 American International Container (AIC) NJ Scott Crawford Vice President
79 Amindon Inc. NY Hiroko Hutchings Sales Associate
80 Amindon Inc. NY Miles Hutchings CEO

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