2019 Networking Portal

2019 Portal

Kodak Networking Portal

Users will need to be registered for the 2019 show and logged in to the portal in order to network with other attendees.

2019 Networking Portal Attendees (to date)

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Company State First Name Last Name Job Title
121 Capital Resin Corporation OH James Bull President
122 Capital Resin Corporation OH Michael Yingling Business Development Manager
123 Capital Resin Corporation OH Mark Morehart Business Development Manager
124 Capstone Headwaters VT Doug Usifer Managing Director
125 Cargill GA Joseph Clark Tolling Manager
126 Carrngton NC Will Johns VP
127 CAS OH Dana Bettineschi Business Development Manager
128 CAS OH Pete Samijlenko Sr. Product Engineer
129 CAS OH Whitney Berrien Business Development Manager
130 CCL Label TN Jim Balentine National Account Manager
131 CCL Label TN David Buck National Account Manager
132 CCR Containers WA Anna Nguyen Commercial Manager
133 Centauri Technologies TX Sam Lane Director - Business Development
134 Centauri Technologies TX Misty Killebrew
135 Century Global LLC PA Benjamin Jones President
136 CFS Enterprises, Inc NC Mike Taylorson Manager
137 Charkit Chemical CT Christopher Klumph VP Business Development
138 Charles River MA Brad Haynes Manager Non Pharma Sales NA
139 Charles River MA Chad Durastanti Business Development Director
140 Chem Development Group OH James Love Business Manager

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