2018 Networking Portal

2018 Portal

Kodak Networking Portal

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2018 Networking Portal Attendees (to date)

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Company State First Name Last Name Job Title
21 Admix NH Patrick Lakin Regional Sales Manager
22 Advance Process Tech NJ Vincent Fuschetti Principle
23 Advanced BioCatalytics CA Brigitte Winkler Marketing Manager
24 Advanced Chemical Concepts, Inc. MI Joe Eldick Vice President Technology
25 Advanced Chemical Concepts, Inc. MI Craig Tungate President
26 Advanta Advertising, LLC NJ Stephanie Kuhla CEO/Creative Director
27 Advantage Plus USA GA Sneha Patel
28 Adventus Material Strategies SC Joseph Drbohlav VP of Technology
29 Aether Industries GJ Aman Desai Director (Technology)
30 Aether Industries GJ Ray Roach Business Development Leader USA
31 Afton Chemical MO Scott Turner Manufacturing Manager Tolling
32 Ag Environmental products, LLC NE Andy Wilson National Account Manager
33 AGC Chemicals Americas PA Jie Zhang Business Manager
34 AGC Chemicals Americas PA Jiro Mochizuki Sr. Marketing Manager
35 AgMarketResults, LLC SC Carmine Sessa Sales Agent
36 AgraForm MO Ron Cunningham Business Development
37 AgraForm MO Doug Baskett Plant Manager
38 AgraForm MO Bill McVeagh Principle Engineer
39 AgriMetis MD Rachel Witek Assoc. Director of Process Chem.
40 AgriMetis MD Matthew Oberholzer VP, Technical Operations

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