2019 Networking Portal

2019 Portal

Kodak Networking Portal

Users will need to be registered for the 2019 show and logged in to the portal in order to network with other attendees.

2019 Networking Portal Attendees (to date)

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Company State First Name Last Name Job Title
21 Albemarle Corporation NC Jay Kisslak Strategic Purchasing
22 Albemarle Corporation NC Jen Henrickson Strategic Sourcing
23 Albemarle Corporation NC Mark Cheplen Sales Manager
24 Albemarle Corporation NC Katherine Brown Strategic Sourcing
25 Albemarle Corporation NC Peggy Matherne Sr. Director Logistics
26 Albemarle Corporation NC Michael Carroll Strategic Sourcing
27 Albemarle Corporation NC Michael Clark Purchasing
28 Albemarle Corporation NC Christina Dahlman Event Manager
29 Albemarle Corporation NC Jai Goudar Manager R&T
30 Albemarle Corporation NC Matt McGucken Global Account Manager
31 Allchem Services Inc. TX John Williams President
32 Allchem Services Inc. TX Travis Quebodeaux Business Development Manager
33 American Distillation Inc NC Barry White Site Coordinator
34 American Distillation Inc NC Donald Outlaw Operations Manager
35 Amindon Inc. NY Miles Hutchings CEO
36 Archroma NC Chad Perry Head of Safety, Health and Environm
37 Archroma NC Debra Pound Head of Procurement
38 Archroma NC Ruben Cuadrado Direct Spend Manager
39 Arkema, Inc. SC Katy Trosini Global Marketing Specialist
40 Arkema, Inc. SC Luis Amor Senior Account Manager

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